Nutrition and food: Christmas lunch and dinner in Europe


Christmas is so close, so close. Less than 1 month left. This time of year is marked by lunches and dinners with family and friends. As it could not be, the food is presented as the main protagonists, in addition to the meeting itself.

It is a ceremonial act that unites the cultures of Europe. The table was decorated with many dishes and it was very different depending on the place where we were. According to data from Chef Pencil, on the continent, the most common dishes on these dates are the following:

-Central Europe, countries like Italy or Germany: fish and shellfish.

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– France the United Kingdom: them.

– Russia: chicken, duck or chicken.

-Spain: pig.

As you can see, there are many healthy sources of protein. It is healthier, of course, in central European countries, such as Italy or Germany, which focus their dinner on fish or seafood, sources with very little fat.

You should be careful about the foods you buy this Christmas. Various studies have warned of the “big scam” of star foods these days. It also affects Spain. This is nothing but adultery and the illegal sale of caviar. Studies confirm that half of what is sold is fake. The conservation status of Danube sturgeon populations, they say, makes each individual essential to the survival of the species and the observed intensity of poaching undermines any conservation efforts. So, be very careful.

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There is no doubt that these many meals will make you think about the extra kilos you will gain, and also about the next regret. In esEuropa we speak with Naiara Carretero, president of the Official College of Dietitians and Nutritionists of Castilla y León. It will give emphasis on how to face Christmas nutritionally speaking.