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Nutritionist talks about the dangers of following celebrity diets like Kim Kardashian

Experts say that neither express diets nor self-medication, which this celebrity promotes, are recommended as effective methods of losing weight.

Last August, Kim Kardashian surprised attendees of the Met Gala 2022, a charity event that annually brings together the world’s most important celebrities and which kicks off the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Textile Institute fashion exhibition in New York.

The celebrity appeared in a crystal dress similar to that worn by Marilyn Monroe in 1962. Specifically, the one she wore to sing Happy Birthday to then-President John F. Kennedy. The model said at the time, “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present this provocative piece of fashion history for the first time since it was worn by the late Marilyn Monroe.”

This is an exclusive haute couture piece. A tight-fitting dress with straps in a nude colour, filled with glitter and crystals, 6,000 exactly, which was hand-sewn and designed by dressmaker Jean Louis. Its value is very high. So much so that it has been auctioned off in great numbers for millions and millions of dollars.

But, it wasn’t easy for a woman with Kardashian curves to pull off this dress. As she herself told Vogue USA magazine, she had to “A Huge Sacrifice” To immerse yourself in this marvel of design.

And his revelation about that sacrifice surprised even more than his appearance at the Met Gala: He lost seven kilos in three weeks. “It was this or nothing,” he said.

The KKW Beauty founder explained to the magazine that her dangerous method for losing weight in record time involved “wearing a sauna suit twice a day, running on a treadmill, completely eliminating sugar and carbohydrates, and eating only the cleanest vegetables and proteins.” Is. “

Three weeks later, when she was in Ripley’s files for a final fitting and Marilyn’s dress fitted perfectly, she confessed, “I wanted to cry with joy,” adding that she too would cry with joy when she finally got it. I will get to eat a king size pizza at the end of the show. Night.

Diabetes drug used for weight loss?

But that’s not the only “technique” used by the Kardashians and their famous sisters in their quest to lose weight. Now the influencer will have access to Ozempic, a specialized drug for people with type 2 diabetes that has been in short supply for months at pharmacies around the world.

According to experts, the reason for this will be a rapid increase in demand for the drug, largely generated by influencers who have touted its effective slimming effect on social networks.

Therefore, many celebrities in the United States, including the Kardashians, use their networks to promote this drug. The hashtag #ozempic has been viewed over 341 million times on TikTok alone.

For nutritionist Natalia Suárez Caro, both express diets and the use of drugs without a proper medical prescription are harmful to health and can have long-term consequences. “Above all, if we are talking about people who are not obese but do so because of media pressure to always look thin. In the case of Ozempic, it is used for people with real excess weight that puts their health at risk, not for people of normal weight who want to lose a few kilos.

Suarez urges to “always go to a nutritionist,” because what works for one person may not work for another. And you certainly can’t take medications without knowing the contraindications and If there is a condition or congenital defect in the body, which the patient may not even be aware of, there are no doctors to influence”, complain the specialist.

Alberto Parra, nutritionist and endocrinologist, pronounces himself in the same sense. As he explains, the main danger of fast diets lies in the fact that they focus their effectiveness on an excess of certain types of nutrients and a deficiency of others, which creates an undesirable imbalance in the body.

This, in any case, is the “deceptive method”. Obviously, “Of course, in a short period of time the person loses weight. But at the cost of losing fluid, muscle and a little fat, which is what really counts. In addition, at the end of the diet, less weight and even a few more kilos come back in a short time.

In his office, Dr. Parra sees the most common cases: “Patients have heard somewhere that they are advised to eat more protein and stop eating carbohydrates.”

Then, “without any kind of medical advice, the person dedicates himself to eating meat, eggs and other hyperprotein foods. On the other hand, they eat potatoes, bananas, pasta, cereals and even vegetables and fruits. Like drastically reducing or eliminating carbohydrate-rich products, some of which contain a lot of sugar. This type of diet can trigger loss of bone mass, kidney problems, dizziness and permanent fatigue.

Likewise, they promote dehydration and increase cholesterol and triglycerides, which are important cardiovascular risk factors, or acetone, which can cause hypoglycemia”, explains the doctor.

How Ozempic works

The active ingredient in Ozempic is semaglutide, a molecule it shares with two other drugs: Rebelsus, which is administered orally, and Vegovy, which is injectable like the first.

Signs of what’s changing: The first two are approved for people with type 2 diabetes and obesity as a supplement to diet and exercise. And a third is approved in the United States and Europe for the treatment of obesity in people with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30 or 27 if there is an associated co-morbidity.

These drugs, in addition to controlling glucose levels, suppress appetite, which favors weight loss, although always in combination with proper diet and exercise. Clinical trials have also shown very positive results for reducing the risk of heart diseases associated with diabetes.

Here are the reasons that have driven its demand: In the United States, one of the countries with the highest obesity rates in the world, there are problems with the supply of Vegovi, which has led to a greater use of Ozempic as an alternative. ,

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