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Nydia Caro doesn’t sing just to sing

Time is a factor that artist Nidiya Karo doesn’t give as much importance. Maybe that’s why the clocks seem to have stopped around him. Except for the recent and drastic change in hair color from black to gold, the body of the singer and actress has been seen in different ways. But this apparent disconnection from the race of time does not separate it from reality. In contrast, “Witch Eyes Dolls” shows great concern about the social problems affecting the country, such as feticide, the global health crisis represented by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the controversy surrounding non-vaccination. , among others .

“I get upset. What happens is that I get upset and isolate myself. If I’m upset I don’t like being in the other person’s energy because it’s felt, it’s felt.” There are many things that give me courage. I am angry with the abuse that women are killed, many things happen. But unless he takes logical and fair and fair action, that courage won’t help will,” he said, later explaining that the peace it produces is a product of the particular way in which he manages his life.

Nydia Caro starts her day with a morning walk; Sometimes before or after that exercise, he sits down to write three pages—”It’s like emptying your head,” he says—and finally, he meditates, which “for a while.” There is nothing more than to stand still”. “Sometimes I’m 10 minutes, sometimes I’m more. I don’t know anymore, I don’t count anymore, because I do it for many years, and it’s so important to breathe.” In The set of three practices is called by your psychiatrist.

It is precisely in these intimate encounters these days that he is outlining what he wants to share with the public at his next meeting, the concert “Dreams and Other Stories”, which he will take on Sunday, November 21 at the Tapia Theater in San Juan. will present. . He will be accompanied by his best artistic friends, directors Martin Nieves and Los Hermanos Sanz, at the event.

This will be an opportunity to connect in many ways. Nydia, for her part, will return to her childhood memories, when near the banks of the Rincón she applauded Christmas bonuses and Christmas carols to explain some of them. He would also return to Christmas Living in New York through a selection of songs that he would add to his various repertoire.

“Christmas for me is still the time I love the most, although I have to admit that it hurt me a little when I came from New York because I wanted to see snow and it was the first Christmas that it wasn’t cold, But then, gradually, I realized that there is a happiness that begins prematurely, and that is wonderful,” he said.

This advance to the festive season would harmonize with classic themes, because if he learned anything in his walk through the local and international stages, it is that “the songs are closely linked to the stories and historical moment of the people. they lived.” With that understanding, he understood why they always wanted to hear the same song.

I love being a woman and I love everything feminine, makeup, perfume. If I’m reborn, I’ll definitely be a transvestite, because I love it. I really enjoy it and my mother has a lot to do with it, because it was what it was.”

Nidia Karo, singer and actress

The time spent in the service of the Nydia arts is counted as “one life”. She thinks about it and yet finds it hard to believe that she could have gotten away with her parents’ intention to direct her to another professional destination.

“My parents tried to turn me around like that, but I think artists are born with a slightly different chip and this clan of ours does whatever it takes. Since I was young I knew what I wanted to sing,” said the graduate of the New York School of Performing Arts. At that study center, he took up singing and acting as a vocation.

“The biggest thing is when people say to you, ‘Oh, I was so happy when you sang that song’, you know you’re doing your job, because to me it’s a service job, Seeing that people will be satisfied and happy for hours instead of thinking about this very complex and changing world at least twice”.

The artist has a plethora of memories that marked his victory at the 1974 OTI Festival with the theme “Today I sing for singing”. From having her nerves in an uproar to experiencing the unique and indescribable feeling that still permeates her every time she starts singing.

“When I started singing I felt (connected) and as I’ve always had problems with my eyesight, and they had such a huge light in front of them, all I did was focus on those lights, and the present. May it be so, because when you are in the present, it is as if a river passes through you that till today I do not know what it could be, but it is a miracle”, he shared.

It was from this achievement that the local press began to recognize him only as Puerto Rican, and not as New York’s Puerto Rican. It is the same controversy that has been experienced by other figures born in New York and other parts of the world, whose identity is anchored on the island, such as Marc Anthony, Lin-Manuel Miranda’, Jennifer Lopez and Toni Croetto (1940–2005).

“Where’s your home? Where you feel great. That’s your home, that’s your country. Your country is inside.” I was born in New York, I grew up in New York, I am very grateful for the life they have given me, because I learned a lot through good and bad, but it made me stronger, and made me I understand things more deeply because I had to find them, I had to try to understand them.”

With Gabriel Suo, who was her husband and father of their children
(Vanessa Cera)

Growing up in a home with Puerto Rican roots, Nidia came to the island after the death of her father. Until then, his Spanish was not as clear as he speaks now, so he entered the University of Puerto Rico to study literature to help with the language. She then married producer Gabriel Suo, and he became her full-time teacher. “And I appreciate it to this day,” said the father of her two children, Christian and Gabriella.

Paquito Cordero, his protector

Currently, situations of harassment and abuse in the workplace are reported by global movements such as #MeToo, among other resources. If she had not been the victim of this type of violence, she would have been cared for by the late producer Pacquito Cordero (1932–2009), whom she met when, as a student, she developed plates in a dental office, was taken and developed. New York. Introduced by the dentist as “a babe who works and sings after school”, Cordero gives her a card and invites her to call him when she goes to Puerto Rico.

Nidia arrived, called her and immediately began to pursue a career on local television through the “Coca-Cola Show” with Eddie Miro. It was the animators who called her “The Doll with the Witch’s Eyes”, a nickname she attributes to the fact that, due to her focusing problems, she used to fixate her gaze deeply.

With producer Paquito Cordero.
With producer Paquito Cordero.

“I also knew I wasn’t going to change my honesty for anyone, because success was a different thing, the money it could bring you was something else, but it wasn’t the basis of why I wanted to sing.” I came up with something that I wanted to develop because I understand that it was a gift and that gift had to be fulfilled”, he indicated.

“Everybody needs one and everyone needs one”

Nydia has a great sense of community and value to others, and from that perspective she chose to get vaccinated against COVID-19. His concert, even, has been declared as “for vaccination only”.

“We have free will. You have the right to be able to choose what you want to do. No one has the right to impose something on you that you don’t want to do. However, we don’t have to be so much about selfishness right now, but about ourselves. While it’s a good thing for me, it must be a good thing for us, or for a child that we have to take care of above all, because unfortunately little kids are getting sick. So I decided that I should Tika Laga Gaya”, he revealed, also inviting us to join the side of humanity.

“We cannot imagine whether it was the same or the same as before. This is it, this is our world. How can we do it better, how can we improve it in any way.”


Nydia Caro doesn't sing just to sing
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