NYPD destroys nearly 100 illegal motorcycles

The New York Police Department destroyed nearly 100 illegal motorcycles on Tuesday.

Vehicles seized at a Brooklyn auto dump were destroyed over the summer in an effort to send a strong message against illegal use of vehicles.

Mayor Eric Adams posted a message on social media about the event.

“Keeping our streets safe means keeping our city safe,” the mayor said.

Built for off-road use and not road legal, the motorcycles generate many complaints from New York drivers and pedestrians who are at risk from maneuvering, noisy engines, high speeds, pavement climbing and lack of signage.

Police Commissioner Keechant L. “The use of these vehicles puts all New Yorkers at risk: other drivers, passengers, pedestrians as well as illegal cyclists,” Sewell said.

“It’s New Yorkers who live and work in our communities, and who must endure these threats, who tell us loud and clear: ‘Get these bikes out of our neighborhood.’ The NYPD got the message, and that’s exactly what they want. “We’re doing it,” the commissioner said.

The destruction of the motorcycles is part of the Motorcycles for the Summer plan that the NYPD established this year as part of its ongoing effort to rid the streets of these illegal vehicles and raise public awareness of the dire consequences of riding them. has done. ,

The mayor later posted another message on the social network with images of the destruction of motorcycles.

Mayer wrote, “Illegal ATVs and ATVs put the lives of New Yorkers at risk. We will not allow them to run between each other.”

“This year we have already taken about 2,000 bikes off the road and we are just getting started.

“Get the message: Do you want to terrorize our neighborhood?

“You will be crushed,” the message ended.



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