Of the 3,000 pre-registrations in medicine at the ULPGC, 2,000 are from outside the island

Of the 3,000 pre-registrations in medicine at the ULPGC, 2,000 are from outside the island

Health Sciences brings together the most sought-after degrees. 12,546 students pre-registered, 9.5% more than last year

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12,546 students have pre-registered to start graduate studies at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) next year.
Medicine with over 3,000 applications, Nursing with over 1,000 and Veterinary medicine with 777, the most sought after careers, But, in addition, in both medicine and nursing, the majority of pre-registered students do not live on the islands.

This was stated in a press release by the ULPGC yesterday in which it has informed about the pre-registration for the next course after the extraordinary EBAU is conducted.

«In recent years it has been discovered that the most sought after degrees throughout Spain receive requests from all autonomous communities in search of places. so it is with
Medicare, where there are no more than 3,000 pre-registered, no more than 2,000 Canary Islands residents (66.66%)Similar to nursing, where it happens with a third of those already registered or veterinary, where about 75% of the applicants come from outside,” the statement said.

Elementary education, 661 with pre-registration, physical activity and sport science, 559 with pre-registration, 469 with law and 427 with early childhood education, follow a health science degree in pre-registration. In addition, face-to-face degrees in primary education (550) are also in high demand. Traditionally, these are the degrees that have “the highest demand year after year for pre-registration” at the ULPGC.

ULPGC publishes first provisional pre-registration list yesterday Where students have to verify that the data corresponding to them has been collected correctly. Claims, if required, will be submitted through the institutional website by 12 July.

more pre-registered students

Last year in 2021, 11,455 students pre-registered to start graduation in ULPGC, 9.5% less than this year, Whereas in 2020 the extraordinary pre-registration was done in the month of July due to the COVID pandemic and more than 10,500 students applied for registering degrees in ULPGC and in 2019 a total of 8,900 students were pre-registered.

By groups, the largest numbers come from general access (postgraduates, FPs and foreigners), with 11,122 registered, 1,184 undergraduates and 173 from senior access. There are 7,203 of those already registered from Las Palmas province; 1,183 from the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and 4,160 from other sources.

seat assignment lists

The first list of allotment of places in degree will be published on July 15 And students have to enroll between 15 to 20 July.

Other lists will be published sequentially, such as the second allotment of places, on 22 July, the registration period from 22 to 25 July and the third, involving university graduates, on 27 July, the 27 July to 29 July registration with duration.
The fourth assignment of places will be on August 2, with registration from 2 to 4 August. At the end of that month, on the 28th, vacancies will be published, and applications will be accepted from August 29 to September 1. The position allocation system is configured to assign the most preferred position of those selected and when a position is assigned, all grades selected in the lower position are eliminated.