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Often drink black coffee without sugar? Let’s know 10 benefits!

Start your routine with a cup of coffee? It seems to be done by a lot of, yes, moms. Drinking coffee is not only a boost for the day, but it has also been proven to provide various benefits, such as improved memory, metabolism and mood.

To get all these benefits, of course the coffee you drink should be black coffee without added sugar, not the trendy Palm Sugar Milk Iced Coffee, moms. There are many benefits of drinking black coffee without sugar, know. curious? Let’s know these 10 benefits!

1. Improve Memory

Drinking coffee without sugar improves memory. The ingredients in coffee help the brain stay active, which is certainly great for helping strengthen memory or the ability to remember. It also helps keep nerves in the body active, which can prevent dementia (diseases of memory and thinking).

2. Improve Cognitive Function

Who says coffee is only useful as an antidote to sleepiness? The caffeine content in black coffee without sugar is a psychoactive stimulant that can help the body improve mood and increase energy and cognitive function.

What is related to cognitive function of the body? Cognitive function includes short- and long-term memory, ability to plan, strategy, attention, reasoning, use of language and vocabulary. Quoting Medium page, this effect is useful for making you relatively smarter for a while.

3. Cleanse the Bladder

Moms should know that coffee is classified as a diuretic drink that can make you urinate more often than not drinking coffee. Well, if you drink black coffee without sugar, the toxins and bacteria present in the bladder area and its channels can come out of the body.

4. Healthy Heart

As long as you don’t drink it in excess, drinking black coffee without sugar is actually beneficial for improving heart health for, you know, moms. It turns out that coffee has been shown to be effective in reducing the level of inflammation in the body. This is the reason why it is believed that it is able to reduce the risk of heart diseases like heart attack.

5. Increase Antioxidants

Antioxidant function is very important for the body as it can prevent and repair damaged cells, especially those caused by free radicals. You can find antioxidants in a variety of foods and beverages, one of which is black coffee without sugar.

In addition to being rich in antioxidants, unsweetened black coffee also contains vitamins B2, B3, manganese, magnesium and potassium. All of this is certainly important for the body’s cells to function optimally.

6. Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Reminded once again, these benefits only apply if you consume black coffee without sugar, moms. Citing Medium, consuming black coffee without added sugar may reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Health Ministry data obtained from a 2014 sample registration survey shows that diabetes is the third leading cause of death in Indonesia after stroke (21.1%) and coronary heart disease (12.9%), with a 6.7% percentage. Typically, 90% of total diabetes cases are type 2 diabetes. If not controlled properly, the World Health Organization also estimates that the incidence of diabetes in Indonesia will dramatically reach 21.3 million people in 2030.

Let us all together prevent the risk of diabetes, an easy way is to start consuming black coffee without sugar.

7. Be Happy

Well, perhaps this is the most important benefit of drinking unsweetened black coffee. Drinking coffee can actually improve your mood or feeling happy. Even coffee can help prevent and reduce depression for, you know, moms.

8. Prevent Cancer

Coffee contains caffeine which may help prevent prostate cancer and colon cancer in men. Whereas in women, the caffeine content of black coffee without sugar can reduce the risk of liver cancer and breast cancer. Remember, the coffee should be without sugar, moms. Excess sugar intake is actually known to increase the risk of cancer and other degenerative problems.

9. Prevent Premature Aging

According to research published in American Journal of EpidemiologyCoffee consumption is good for maintaining the health of motor and sensory nerves. It can prevent premature aging associated with the veins. Research conducted by nutritionist Joan Salge Blake and her team also mentioned that drinking black coffee without sugar can prevent various neurological diseases caused by aging.

10. Help Diet

Coffee without sugar is a drink that is classified as low in calories, so it is really suitable to help with a diet. Do not add sugar, cream or milk to your coffee, yes, as this will increase the fat content and calories. To get a successful diet and other benefits, let’s get into the habit of drinking black coffee without sugar.

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