OKC Thunder Quotes Tro-Sam Presti acknowledges the importance of 2023 CBA negotiations for team building.

In an interview on Monday, Oklahoma City Thunder General Manager Sam Presti said the new 2323 agreement would make a big difference to the new deal as a result. How the team works. The current CBA deal expires after the 2032-24 season, but to avoid the possibility of a lockout, both the NBA and the NBPA could agree to a new deal next summer if they decide to opt out of the current deal in December 2022.

“At our level, as you said, when we get to our second draft, we save the team money off the floor and on the floor, but the thing that shapes everything in sports is the rules governing the CBA,” said Presby. Yes, revenue sharing is linked to this, it could be the reason for the digital media deal.

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As The Thunder begin to focus on winning the winter of 2023 again, the team’s financial integrity may be out of the books, with the deaths of Camba Walker and Derek Favor being out of the books. The only contracts in the books should be the Extra Extra and Beginning Agreements of Tea Gilgees-Alexander. This thunderstorm gives a lot of flexibility in terms of how much money you can spend outside of time to improve the team.

It is prudent to look at the thunderstorm and see what the new CBA does to prevent the team from accidentally injuring themselves by applying current law. Before making a significant decision, it is best to wait until the public knows exactly what the team is working on and how the CBA rules will change.

But I say the only thing we can not do is be a medium stream, and that is what happened, and new rules came in handy that are not useful for you in the construction process. OK once; Twice, hmm; But it does not happen three times. So we have to keep our eyes open for what that really means, ”she said. “Like I said, if I were a fan now I would close my ears because this is not fun, but if you are trying to franchise the NBA in 2022 and beyond, you are in 20 out of 30 cities. They set up the right actors to work.

He said he did not want to set a specific deadline for the completion of the construction, as he wanted the team to grow competitively by nature, but said that the 2023 season could be the first time anyone could make a prediction. Thunderstorms may add winning units and try to start arguing again.



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