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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Ola is coming up with an electric car that will fit the common man’s budget with a lower price and better driving range! Learn the details

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Ola, the country’s top cab supplier, recently announced the launch of its first electric scooter. The company has also published a picture of the scooter on its official website. But now news is coming that the company is preparing to launch electric cars for the Indian market, which will be launched very soon.

According to media reports, the company has started work on this electric car. However, no information has been officially shared by the company about this electric vehicle, or the details of this vehicle have not been released. It is learned that with very few players in this segment, the company is planning to make a presence in the electric vehicle segment soon and this is also a great opportunity for the company.

According to a report published in Autocar, Olar’s electric car will be ready on the Bourne-electric skateboard platform. It will continue to feature improvements with future designs. The company plans to set up a Global Design Center in Bangalore, where car design, car construction as well as color, material and finishing will be done.

How much will it cost: There is also news that it will be a compact car, which gives an average driving range that will be better for everyday needs. At the same time, efforts will be made to keep its prices to a minimum so that it is within the reach of the common man. Ola Electric has already hired some Tata Motor designers for the passenger vehicle project.

Charging: Strong charging infrastructure is the biggest challenge for the future of electric vehicles in the Indian market. But Ola recently announced that it would set up the world’s largest hypercharging network, specifically for the company’s incoming electric scooters. It is hoped that the company will be able to use this facility for its own vehicles as well. Apart from this, domestic charging devices will also be provided with the vehicle.

Olar’s construction plans for electric passenger vehicles have not yet been announced. However, the company is investing around Tk 2,400 crore to build its electric two-wheeler factory. This great plant of the company is being set up in Tamil Nadu, where construction work has also started. The plant will be able to produce 20 lakh two-wheelers every year.


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