‘Old warehouse buildings…’: When Taylor Swift opens up about how she makes THESE albums; said he had ‘a strange kind of fantasy of…’

 'Old warehouse buildings...': When Taylor Swift opens up about how she makes THESE albums;  said he had 'a strange kind of fantasy of...'

When it comes to artists who have gained a huge and devoted fan base just through their albums and songs, one prominent name stands out, and that is Taylor Swift. He has produced a wide variety of chart-topping songs and boasts an impressive 12 Grammy wins in his music career. His albums have also received many other awards, and his solo tracks regularly dominate streaming platforms.

The key to his many musical successes can be attributed to his amazing songwriting skills, his beautiful voice, and the catchy beats that infuse his work. Within his tracks, you can detect a distinct pattern and a storytelling element in his lyrics that often leave his fans wondering about the sources of his inspiration. In fact, Taylor answered this question in an interview with Rolling Stone in 2015.

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Taylor Swift is the inspiration behind Paper Rings and Lover

In 2015, Taylor participated in an interview with Rolling Stone where he explored his musical journey, the highs and lows he encountered, the criticism he faced, and the inspirations that drove him to create his iconic albums. When the conversation turned to the narratives behind tracks like “Lover” and “Paper Rings,” the singer elaborated on the influences that shaped these songs. He revealed,

“Sometimes, I find myself daydreaming about settings where these songs would fit. So, for tunes like ‘Paper Rings’ and ‘Lover,’ I envision a band at a wedding reception. set in the 1970s, constrained by the instruments available at that time. Period. I create vivid visuals for each of my songs. When it comes to ‘Reputation,’ I see a scene -view of the city lit up at night.”

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Taylor also discussed the instruments and overall production

Taylor also explains the creative influences that shaped the musical compositions of “Paper Rings.” He expressed his desire to avoid traditional acoustic instruments to a large extent, aiming to evoke images of abandoned warehouse buildings and industrial spaces. His vision for the production included the absence of wood elements, which was a stark contrast to “Lover,” which he described as having a rustic barn wood floor, billowing curtains, and pastoral scenes of flowers and velvet.

Taylor Swift has shared various interviews where she openly shares insights into her evolution within the pop music genre. In addition, he explored his past relationships and used those experiences for his songwriting efforts in the past.

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