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Olga Silva, locked up for 60 years and a mystery with two volumes that will never be verified

Olga Silva ceased to exist and on July 19, 2021, death eliminated the possibility of knowing why she was locked up in her home at the rodeo for 60 years. Her family says that they put a curse on her that left her in bed; Neighbors believe they decided to end human contact after being heartbroken. It will never be known. Olga Silva carried the secret to her grave.

The Silva family is known in rodeo. It has cabins and they knew how to own significant land on Santo Domingo Street. They developed agriculture and in their heyday they even exported lettuce seeds to Chile. Olga was born in that traditional house, the royal daughter of a family of eight.

Those who knew her assure that she was of an impressive beauty. There are no photos confirming the description, but in the city they say that she was a very fair woman with thick black hair. Slender, with delicate movements and expert in embroidery.

The second art that he knew how to dominate and which pervaded his lonely days and nights was making flowers out of paper and cloth. Some who entered his home, located at the corner of Santo Domingo and Santa Lucia streets, said there were flowers everywhere. It is impossible not to look for meaning in such a mysterious story. And there is a lot of symbolism in this description. Flowers represent life, rebirth. Perhaps that flourishing passed through the inner life of Olga, who apparently died, but almost without saying a word. Another symbol of flowers is love, it honors beings who knew how to love.

There are two versions of the reason for Olga’s imprisonment, but neither is official because she did not speak much. It sounds like a story by Gabriel García Márquez. Anyone who has reviewed the pages of “One Hundred Years of Solitude” cannot compare Olga with Amaranta Buendia, The woman who devoted herself to the care of her nephews for a day decided to weave her own shroud, the day she said goodbye to this world. Olga took care of her father until the day he died of cancer. They say that at night he prayed next to his father.



As for the neighbors, Olga was closed to the world after a heartbreak. The prevailing legend in the rodeo is that she fell madly in love, but when she found out that this man didn’t hold her back, she decided not to share anything outside with him. The unattainable lady of the rodeo, sparkling with her looks, no longer came out and as soon as she closed the doors of her house, she closed the doors of her heart forever.

Regarding the man, the data being transmitted by word of mouth is that he was a city doctor. It is common for young professionals to move from the city to the rural areas.

Liliana Silva, a niece of Donna Olga, welcomed the journalist team from the timid Timpo de San Juan. It was difficult for him to speak, but eventually he did. He said the neighbors invented a novel story, that his aunt was never a girlfriend or even in love. He is convinced that Olga was put off by witchcraft.

“One day Aunt Olga didn’t walk anymore. She was greatly affected by the death of her father. And one day he never got out of bed. We took her to all the doctors, her brothers took her to the city, but no one knew what happened to her. A mystery. One day Olga woke up and her legs shrank. We think it could have been witchcraft, that they put a curse on her that made her legs shrivel. She was very beautiful. There was a lot of jealousy. Early in the illness, he walked with those shrunken legs and left two limited lines where he passed, they were his footprints,” he elaborated.

And he added a wonderful spice, which makes Olga’s story even more incredible: “I will tell you more, a few days before he died he walked again with crippled legs. He said goodbye as he walked, it was like his last goodbye, wandering through the house he never wanted to leave.

According to Liliana, her great-grandmother never accepted her nephews’ offers to leave the old house in which she lived. They often visited her, bringing her food and clothes. “People are so cruel, they say we don’t care. They even went to the municipality with that story but it was not real. She didn’t want to leave.”

Liliana’s testimony added some details to this story. She said that till the last minute her aunt asked her to bring her pons cream and black dye. Although she was half-decorated, she didn’t stop getting ready.

The house of Santo Domingo and Santa Lucia is destroyed. From below, you can see the part of the rooms due to disasters due to the passage of time in the structure. Earthquakes and rains ended with adobe bricks that supported a luxury and stately home. At first glance you can see that this house was built to impress. that the people who lived there were prosperous.

His nephews begin to notice that the decay they attribute to age hides a much more devastating diagnosis. They took him to the hospital as far as possible. Getting Olga out of the house was always very complicated. Although he certainly wanted to die at home, he died in hospital on July 19, 2021, at the age of 87. He had a long life. His name and surname became legend. and his imprisonment, in an eternal mystery.

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