Olimpia defeated Motagua, continued the hegemony of the blue and became a semi-finalist

Olimpia defeated Motagua, continued the hegemony of the blue and became a semi-finalist

The battle is marked on the calendar with a marked alert and danger for the undefeated white man, but this León is so supreme that he will be able to walk the classic, defeating his neighbor for the eighth time in a row and throwing his weight around the bag.with four appointments in advance.

Olimpia without a rival is a fact as big as its 24 matches in the league without defeat and it showed 3-0 where it defeated a Motagua who saw himself as a boxer with his hands tied in front of the power of a team that brings joy to the joy of its fans.

This Sunday is just another day at the office for Olympism. The stands of Nacional echoed the rhythm of that symphony put together by Troglio and that was reflected in the midfield nightmare. How are dwarves played? Goal and pass from Jorge Álvarez, great game from Carlitos Pineda, cannon shots from Edwin Rodríguez and double from José Mario Pinto.

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Jorge Álvarez opened the can

Between the four of them they eliminated Juan Delgado, Walter Martínez, Denis Meléndez and any disruptor who tried to remove César Vigevani from the seat. The one-on-one blocked by Edrick Menjívar from Auzmendi was the perfect excuse for Olimpia to bring out the festival.

The shots of Benguché, Rodríguez and Maylor matured the blow signed by the magician Álvarez. Marcelo Pereira lost at the start and Edwin found his friend Jorgito, who in the right box confirmed his score as a scorer in big games: 1-0, in the 19th. Motagua was dying and Beckeles’ error against Pistolero only served to reactivate albo in front of the net.

The confidence of the Merengue is that José Mario Pinto will be able to oppose his short stature to freeze Rougier’s good header (2-0). That blow at the end of half time, at 40, was too much punishment for a Ciclón that suffered all the lines of five.

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Pinto placed the tombstone

“Thank God that he had a chance to put his head down,” said Pinto humbly contradicting his badness.

The one he had to steal Santos’ wallet and put the tombstone on Rougier (3-0, in the 81st minute) who joined the pipes to avoid a heavy defeat. The Argentine took the goal from Toro more than once and also from Garrobo who ran to the vertical in two set pieces: a free kick and a corner.

The blue impotence was characterized by flares that forced Melvin Matamoros to stop the game and then it was over without giving a second “snap.”

Olimpia has won eight straight classics, celebrated its 105th victory against Motagua, is unbeaten in the Liga since March, is the undisputed leader with 36 points and, with four games remaining, seriously threatened his own record of 44 points. Hello to the unassuming Olympia…

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(3) OLYMPIA – Edrick Menjivar; Maylor Nunez, Jonathan Peace, Brian Beckeles, Gabriel Araujo; Carlos Pineda, Jorge Alvarez, Edwin Rodriguez (Kevin Lopez, 90′), Jose Pinto (Edwin Solano, 90′); Jerry Bengtson (Justin Grove, 73′);

DT: Pedro Troglio (ARG)

Goals: Jorge Álvarez 20′, José Pinto 41′, 82′.

Yellow cards: None. Red cards: None.

(0) STAFF – Jonathan Rougier; Riky Zapata, Carlos Melendez, Marcelo Santos, Marcelo Pereira, Carlos Argueta (Lucas Bell, 69′); John Thin, Denis Melendez (Edwin Maldonado, 49th), Walter Martinez (Ivan Lopez, 46th); Yeison Mejia and Augustin Auzmendi.

DT: César Vigevani (ARG)

Objectives: None.

Yellow cards: None.

Red cards: None.


Stadium: Nacional Chelato Uclés, Tegucigalpa

Referee: Melvin Matamoros