Olympia launches a medical unit for prevention, longevity and integrative medicine, involving the patient in their own health care

Today, 26 centuries later, with longevity being established in our days, almost all the norms of medicine have changed. And in fact it is no longer about cure, but also about avoiding disease, thus achieving quality of life in old age, of course, if we did not do our part for it we could not . That indispensable part of the doctor, of course, but, above all, that other essential part of the patient. You will stop being a passive subject in counseling to take control of your health.

With these vicks, the Medical Unit for the Prevention, Longevity and Comprehensive Medicine of Olympia was born, Quironsalud’s new center of personalized services for the care and optimization of health. It holds that a globalized meditation is not only distributed among different body parts, but also shares space and time with state of mind, emotions or stress control. The complete picture of health inside and out. The head of the unit, Dr. Jose Francisco Tio, explains that the patient is going to be the main element of this whole process, the protagonist, “but for this they need to be involved in their own health. Make him aware of the things he has to do for himself and help him. That way it will be free for the future.”

To ultimately achieve this independence, each patient will be cared for in a coordinated manner by a team of professionals, in such a way that, as with conventional care, a clinical history book or physical examination of ordinary people, modern biochemical analysis will take place. Rab Shoulder, Genetic and Biophysical, “which provide us with information impossible to find in the conventional way”. The scenario that Dr. Tinao exposes is to interpret Paco Ibáez, the present full of the future, because what is really sought is healthy aging, disease prevention, health promotion and education along with it. Predicting, so that we can improve our quality of life without. Excessive worsening of a disease due to the undesired manifestation of it.

How to reach this stage? Genetic studies, using state-of-the-art polymorphisms, determine the potential risks of developing certain diseases. “Precious and accurate information that allows us to block the expression of these genes and reduce the chances of cardiovascular, rheumatoid, autoimmune, diabetes and degenerative diseases.” And for samples, one button: liver. Each person is a world and each liver is an individual expression. Genetically, are very good and this allows them to act very quickly. However, others, without getting sick, keep a much slower rhythm. “If you know its characteristics, you can prevent your chances of developing a disease. However, this intervention is not meant to cure them, but to start doing things that reduce that risk, such as changing their diet or developing a specific physical exercise program,” says director of the Unit of Medicine for Prevention, Longevity and Comprehensive Medicine. Of Olympia.

And it is that in controlling our health, nutrition is placed, voluntarily or unintentionally, at the axis of our daily development. As we live longer, when we sculpt unwanted chronic diseases and when we suffer from aging disabilities, it turns out that the way we eat is almost everything. Dr. Tinao is a clear defender of nutritional education. “We should be explaining and explaining to people why it’s so important to choose the right diet, because, for example, following an anti-inflammatory diet, knowing how to eat breakfast, and knowing and knowing what a eats, it may be necessary. There is a global view that everyone does your health.” But not only that. The immune system is also one of the pillars for the best maintenance of health and needs to be taken care of, because, according to experts, immunodeficiency is one of the means of aging associated with pathologies that spoil us and reduce our quality of life. is life..

For this reason, in order to address our health as a whole to face healthy aging, José Francisco Tio considers the creation of the Medical Unit for Olympia Prevention, Longevity and Integrative Medicine, because “by studying globally As a team on individuals, in innovative ways, we can analyze not only the inappropriate habits that facilitate diseases and their consequences, but also how we can control gastrointestinal and liver functions as well as micronutrient deficiencies, viruses. may also verify the hidden presence of our immune system or a pre-existing natural balance with a new reality: environmental toxins that interfere with metabolic reactions”. And Dr. Tinao looks to the future and his own future with optimism, when he concludes that “controlling many of these factors gives us incredible action options to prevent the development and progression of diseases and thus our Time is managed.”


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