Olympics Live: Organizers hold call with isolated athletes

Olympics Live: Organizers hold call with isolated athletes

Olympic organizers say they had a call with athletes Sunday to discuss living conditions at isolation hotels.

“We know that that’s not easy for anyone in that situation, but particularly an athlete who’s gone through the journey to get here,” said Kit McConnell, sports director for the International Olympics Committee.

Organizers were not able to immediately say how many athletes are currently in the isolation hotels because they tested positive, but said the numbers have been coming down.

Everyone inside the Olympic bubble is required to take COVID-19 tests. Those who are confirmed positive must go to an isolation facility until they’re cleared for discharge, either through negative tests or a review by a panel of medical experts.

The call with athletes came after complaints about inadequate food, small and unclean rooms, and a lack of access to training equipment. Over the weekend, organizers said they were addressing the issues and that athletes in isolation would be able to order food from the Olympic Village and have it delivered to their rooms.

As of Monday, organizers say 387 people inside the Olympic bubble have tested positive. The figure includes news media and team officials, not just athletes.