Omar Kelly: Brian Flores Needs To Change The Miami Dolphins To Succeed

Omar Kelly: Brian Flores Needs To Change The Miami Dolphins To Succeed

Life experiences can be humiliating, and these experiences often force us to evaluate, if not change, who we are and how we act.

The Miami Dolphins’ 2021 season should be like this for coach Brian Flores, because only growing up will allow this franchise to reach its potential, emerging from the mediocre carousel that the Dolphins have been in for two decades.

At least under his leadership, which will likely be extended for another season depending on how the team finished this season (9-8) with Sunday’s 33-24 win over New England playoffs. Patriots. the franchise’s first consecutive winning season since 2002-03.

“Every experience you get from them is good or bad. This is how I try to approach everything. This year I learned a lot about myself, about this team, about the players of our team, about the people in our building, ”said Flores, referring to the Dolphins team, which rallied after the start with a score of 1-7 and won eight final matches. season. nine games.

“I think it will be time to think about it and see that I have certainly learned a thing or two,” said Flores, who has a 24-25 track record as head coach. “I would like to think that I have grown a little. I hope this applies to everyone. ”

Miami’s victory over the Patriots – a game that the Dolphins had in control from the beginning – led to the franchise’s first New England success in 20 years. It also gave hope that Flores’ squad could play against the big boys, the league’s playoff teams, following last week’s humiliating defeat at the Tennessee Titans.

But the fickle play that haunted the Dolphins all season, the stagnant offense that scored less than 21 points 10 times, the messy squad that hindered rather than helped in 2021 is also his fault.

It was on his conscience to start the team 1-7 because, as he often reminded the media, he was responsible for ensuring that the team maximized their potential and cleaned up their error-prone play.

Miami’s defense didn’t find a place until mid-season. This unit failed to score two games in which they took the lead in the fourth quarter at the start of the season.

And the offense never made it out of third gear and ended 2021 as one of the worst hit and run in the NFL.

Miami’s attack – with or without Tua Tagovailoa as the team’s starting quarterback – has held the squad at bay for the entire season, and that’s because of Flores because he’s made too many questionable hires.

If Flores doesn’t make major changes to the offensive coaching staff, it will likely ruin another season and will likely cost everyone the job.

The Dolphins need a tried and tested offensive coordinator. Someone with experience building effective first place units in the league.

Flores needs to find an experienced offensive line coach to replace Lemuel Jeanpierre. Someone who can look after the youth of this unit and create an abusive personality.

And positional coaches should get more from young talent like Tagovailoa, Preston Williams, Miles Gaskin, Salvon Ahmed, Hunter Long, young people who have fallen short of expectations this season.

Regardless of what decision makers in Miami do about the quarterback – whether they stick to Tagovailoa or send draft picks to Green Bay, Seattle, Houston, San Francisco, or Minnesota for one of the veteran quarterbacks who are likely hit the market this offseason – Flores should be hiring better employees than in the last three seasons.

And don’t expect it to be easy, because there are rumors in the league that Flores is difficult to work for and that needs to be addressed with some introspection and personal growth on his part.

But there are signs of hope, such as how this team reacted to their 1-7 start, reflecting Flores’ focus and consistency, which served as a catalyst for a return to value and respect.

This is how resilient, morale teams run their businesses, and it is a reflection of Flores.

“Flo has done a great job helping us stay together and not worry too much about outside noise, but focus on outside noise,” said Tagovailoa, who finished the season with a 90.1 passing rating. “I think he did a great job helping us get to where we are this year. Obviously the first half was not what we wanted or expected. But as I said, I am very pleased with the way we ended this season. ”

Now the question is, where will Flores’ team go next?

The Dolphins are better off using the bulk of Miami’s $ 74 million set of pacing in the ceiling to rebuild the offense. And I wouldn’t rule out a scorched earth restart for this side of the ball.

Jaylen Waddle and Robert Hunt should be the only strikers considering a purchase, not a lease, because the future of everyone else should be uncertain based on how this division will perform in 2021.

While most of the problems were a byproduct of offensive line fighting, calling on Duke Johnson to continue at the end of the season is simply a reminder of just how many bad decisions were made regarding talent assessment on that side of the ball during the offseason.

Flores and the Dolphins can’t afford another offseason due to bad decisions that will lead to a rotten product.


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