On the Boulevard de Oriente, the best reds carry the scent of occasion

On the Boulevard de Oriente, the best reds carry the scent of occasion

Rosemary Alvarado is a young female head of household. She immigrated from Venezuela with her two young children and settled in eastern Cali. Used to be ‘Red Wine Entrepreneur’ in your country; Here in Cali, he decided to restart the business.

and for what! Its red color has a very special aroma and taste. In addition, she sells ‘crushed’ coffee made with milk, aromatics and French bread, ham and cheese.

“I arrived and found a place to stay right here in the Marroquin II neighborhood. I was sitting on my arms and one day, when I took my children to a foundation, I saw that there was a lot of activity here on the Boulevard d’Orient and that’s when I decided to start the business again”, says Rosemary Said.

And let’s get to work: He got out his car, his trousers and the best of thermoses, although at first glance things didn’t go too well. “I sold no more than five red wines and I went back home with those thermoses full. I had to take all that. I was like a light bulb”, he recalls with a laugh, adding that the second day, he got up earlier. And as the saying goes “God helps those who rise early”, rightly said and done, he sold everything and was owed red wine for the next day, as the thermos was not enough.

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Now Carito Carito, as the workers of Bulevar de Oriente call him, can’t wait and as soon as they see him, they head out to ‘take the turn’. Adalberto Timana is the first to arrive. “He was the first person to buy me and from there he didn’t fail. He gave me the best promotion ever,” Rosemary says with a laugh. And so, like pigeons after corn, Carito Carito fills up with customers.

“This boulevard is getting more and more beautiful. I congratulate you and when it is ready it will be a place that will create a lot of jobs. You’re doing a great job”, Rosemary affirmed as she served her products to eager customers.

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The Boulevard de Oriente provides family spaces for the enjoyment of sports, culture, commerce and relaxation in this area of ​​the city. Its 1.1 Km. In length, there are also 500 tree specimens that benefit the climate of the place, located between the Marroquín I, II and Alfonso Bonilla Aragón neighborhoods. 80% of the people working on the project live in the sector. this initiative of pure heart also creates those opportunities coffee aroma, As Rosemary decided to take.

“It’s going great for me. Besides, I have full time left to take care of my kids. You know you have to be very aware of them. I wake up early and at 9:00 am I go home and give them breakfast and take them to their school. They study in the afternoon. And so I have space to organize my house and start preparing products for the next day”, said Rosemary. .

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She remembered that her youngest son had been able to see her serving red wine from the bedroom window. “He said to me: Mom, I heard you say red, coffee, fragrant!” And he told me that he was very proud of me. Can you imagine a son would say that to you because he sees you selling red wine?…”, he remarked, shamelessly wiping away a few tears with a handkerchief, which also serves to dry sweat.

It’s 9:00 in the morning, the time when she has to go home and start her work as a mother. The sun has long been present in the eastern Sultana del Valle and will remain a faithful companion of the local workforce, which is taking giant steps forward with the construction of the Boulevard for Life in Cali.


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