On the Road to Sustainable Expansion

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An ambitious project that seeks to double its productive capacity, injecting more than US $ 3 million in innovation and employment.

The Paicaví Mining Contractual Society (SCM) has undertaken a bold project that promises not only to expand its productive capacity, but also to boost the local economy and promote more sustainable practices within the mining industry. Located in the Maule Region, the Paicaví mining company has always been a source of growth, and now, with an estimated investment of more than US $ 3 million, it intends to double its processing capacity, from 5,000 to 10,000 tons per month.

Expansion and Modernization

SCM Paicaví is determined to change its operations by expanding and modernizing its plant. With the new investment, they plan to change equipment, acquire new machinery and apply controls using advanced computer technology. All this with the aim of improving their efficiency and productivity, allowing them not only to process more material, but also to do it in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way.

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A Positive Impact on the Community

This ambitious project will also have a significant impact on the local community. With the expansion, the mining company hopes to hire about 40 additional people, thus increasing the current team of 45 members. This will not only benefit the local community by creating jobs, but will also help develop and retain talent in the region.

Commitment to the Environment

The mining company is firmly committed to adopting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Their focus is not only on expansion and production, but also on ensuring that every step taken is compatible with the environment and long-term sustainability.

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Words from Management

Fernando Gattas, the general manager of SCM Paicaví, expressed his enthusiasm and commitment to this project. “We have been inspired since the day we decided to get this plant” he said, showing an optimistic and ambitious vision for the future of the mining company and the local community.