One dead, two revived and eight needle strikes

Joined the Zurich Protection and Rescue Team at the street parade in Zurich. One person died in swimming accident, two people had to be rescued. Eight people were apparently pricked with needles by unknown persons.

Mystery “Needle Spiking”

According to the Zurich Protection and Rescue Service, so-called “needle spiking” is the “mysterious needle prick” that unidentified individuals suddenly inflicted on their victims. Over the past few months, this has also happened more and more in different countries, with the objectives and background not yet clarified, the organization writes.

The street parade was impacted by a swimming accident that killed a 27-year-old. Though rescuers tried to save him immediately, he died on the spot. In another swimming accident, the man was able to revive thanks to another visitor and was taken to the hospital, the organization writes. A patient who had consumed unspecified substances also had to be resuscitated and taken to hospital. A total of 72 patients were taken to the hospital for further treatment or control.

Multiple treatments for alcoholism and drugs

In addition, medical positions were particularly preoccupied with the care of those who had consumed excessive amounts of alcohol or drugs. Of the total 621 medical treatments affected, more than half prescribe protection and avoidance in such cases. 101 people were brought to the patient collection point for monitoring and containment. Contrary to expectations, there was slightly less healing overall compared to the previous version three years ago (654).

Serious injuries were largely absent. About 200 people had to be treated for severe injuries. About forty people suffered injuries, sprains or broken bones, and 29 had to be treated for heart and circulatory problems or sunstroke due to hot weather. The number of insect bites was double (26) compared to the previous issue. Eight people required eye treatment for burns.

About 500 personnel from all areas of security and rescue were deployed to Zurich. This is about 360 additional emergency workers compared to daily basic care.

36 arrested and many injured

Several arguments with the injured have led to the exit of Zurich city police. One person was injured with a sharp weapon and the other with a bottle. Another was beaten unconscious and two women were sexually assaulted. 36 people were arrested.

A 33-year-old Gambian was stabbed after an argument with a 38-year-old Iranian in Utokai shortly before 9 p.m., according to Zurich city police. The two attacked each other, and Gambier was mortally wounded by stabbings. He was taken to the hospital and Irani was arrested.

In the vicinity of the Stadelhofen train station, an 18-year-old Afghan hit an opponent on the head with a bottle, after which the victim was also taken to a hospital. The 18-year-old also injured a police officer during the arrest.

beaten unconscious

Around 4 a.m., a 30-year-old Swiss man was attacked by a stranger and beaten with punches and kicks until he lost consciousness. He was taken to the hospital for treatment with unspecified head injuries. According to the report, this criminal has not been caught.

The attack on General-Farmer-Kai, a 19-year-old civil servant who was beaten by several men, was different: city police arrested two alleged criminals, a 23-year-old Swiss and a 22-year-old North Macedonian. The employee had to be taken to the hospital.

The police have also filed a report of sexual harassment of two women. A 31-year-old man was thrown to the ground by a stranger and sexually assaulted near Berkleeplatz. You wife fought so hard that the attacker fled. The woman was slightly injured. A 17-year-old girl was also sexually assaulted by an unidentified person on BlatterWise at around 3:15 am. The alleged culprit, 32-year-old Afghan, was arrested on the spot.

Hundreds of bullets seized

Zurich City Police charged a total of 35 men and one youth with, among other things, a sexual offense, robbery or theft, bodily harm, violence and intimidation against officers, intimidation, property damage, drug trafficking and against aliens and integration. Arrested for offences. Act and withholding an official act.

About a dozen people also reported the theft of jewelery from them. In addition, one thousand ecstasy tablets and small amounts of other hard and soft narcotics were confiscated.

Detectives from the Administration Department also recorded 10 referrals for noise, illegal parties and the sale of illicit liquor. In addition, several drone pilots were reported.


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