One in 5 teens will meet criteria for a mental disorder


He 20% spanish teens According to the World Health Organization, one in five, or the same, will meet the diagnostic requirements to suffer from a mental disorder throughout their lives. (OMS), Professor Celso Arango, full academician of the Royal National Academy of Medicine of Spain (RANME) in the specialization of Medical Psychology and head of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Service of the Gregorio Marañon General University Hospital in Madrid, said on this occasion. Its scientific session titled ‘Mental Health of Child and Adolescent Population’ was organized at RANME Headquarters. wheels up’.

“In schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or autism Genetics also influence, but these higher figures respond to generational changes that occur much more rapidly, such as spending more time in front of a mobile phone or screen, access to some inappropriate content with lightning speed, excessive consumption of social networks and social relationships formed from them, access to new substances, etc. A lot of changes occur to the brain and this malformation has a lot to do with mental disorders,” explains Professor Arango.

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between most common mental disorders These include depression, adjustment disorders as a result of imagining sexual assault, being bullied or having an accident, and anxiety. As a result, while survival rates after suffering a tumor or stroke are higher every year, this academic regrets that “in the field of mental health it is the opposite and the statistics are getting worse and worse as the number of deaths increases”. “Suicide is on the rise, as is the prevalence of mental disorders among the youth population.”

Similarly, the way mental disorders manifest has also changed in recent years. “Earlier, teens would feel irritable or have poor academic performance; However, now they hurt themselves, they cut, scratch, pinch themselves… Although these actions do not always respond to the desire to die, it is a way to replace emotional pain with physical pain , because when they’re physically cutting themselves, “they’re forgetting their emotional pain, it’s more bearable for them,” says Professor Arango.

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Another factor to take into account is the audiovisual content consumed by young people who already suffer from Mental Disorders, «When suicides are treated as if they are a ‘worthy’ solution to the problems of daily life or are idealized, very negative effects have been observed. There is already a published study where it has been observed that, after the broadcast of the series ’13 Reasons Why’ in the United States, a 29% increase in suicides among adolescents between 10 and 17 years of age, one month after the premiere of the series. Hui.

To reduce these worrying statistics, this academic places “particular emphasis on the importance of greater investment in good prenatal care, during pregnancy, delivery and in interactions between mother and child.” create secure link, Similarly, it highlights the role that educational centers play Avoid childhood trauma Such as bullying, physical and sexual abuse and other neglect.

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“Our expertise does not require large technical infrastructure, but rather people,” says this expert, “here the human factor is fundamental, and Spain does not have the professionals it needs, which is why there are currently long waits.” There is a list.” For this reason, it appreciates the fact that this year a pioneering program for reform has been launched in Spain emotional well-being this mental health in schools Which includes reducing bullying and discrimination for any reason while following WHO recommendations.