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‘One Piece’ is doomed and a miracle is the only thing that can save the series

To the ‘One Piece’ series on Netflix huh won the hearts of the fans from the anime and move away same newbies. With dedication, the pirate fantasy series follows Eiichiro Oda’s manga vision and creates a lovingly designed world filled with fascinating characters. After countless adaptations live-action CAN ‘One Piece’ is already a milestone.

However, as good as the adaptation of ‘One Piece’ is, a dark shadow appears on the horizon of the Grand Line. The failure of the Netflix series, despite all its successes, was inevitable. Because there is a big problem.

The main problem, ‘One Piece’ is too long

The manga ‘One Piece’, created by Eiichiro Oda, has been published since 1997. And after 25 years, the story of Straw Hat Pirates still going on. Although the original slowly comes to an end, since the beginning of the story more than 1000 manga chapters and many more of 1000 episodes of anime.

Adapting Netflix faces an impossible task. The manga is like an infinite pit and is too long to film completely live-action. To do justice to the original, Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ series will have to last at least 11 times.

11 seasons, no Netflix series has lasted that long

If you haven’t come in contact with the anime and manga of ‘One Piece’ before: In the manga, the epic pirate story divided into sagas. These are larger narrative arcs within the overall plot, which in turn are divided into smaller arches.

The first season of Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ is an adaptation of the East Blue saga. It contains the first 100 chapters of the original manga and the first 53 episodes of the anime series. Historical sagas are a good starting point for evaluation how much time do you need the Netflix series to tell the whole story of Luffy and his friends until the end.

If the One Piece adaptation is in effect one saga per season the breakdown of the next 10 narrative arcs of the manga goes like this:

  • Season 2: The saga of Arabasta(74 anime episodes, 117 manga chapters)
  • Season 3: The Sky Island Saga (52 episodes, 85 chapters)
  • Season 4: Saga of Water 7 (110 episodes, 139 chapters)
  • Season 5: Saga de Thriller Bark (45 episodes, 48 ​​chapters)
  • Season 6: Saga of the Battle of the Summit (122 episodes, 108 chapters)
  • Season 7: Saga of Gyojin Island (57 episodes, 56 chapters)
  • Season 8: Dressrosa Saga (168 episodes, 148 chapters)
  • Season 9: Saga de Whole Cake Island is an island (143 episodes, 107 chapters)
  • Season 10: Wano Country Saga (over 200 episodes, 149 chapters)
  • Season 11: Final Saga (time to be announced)

11 seasons might not sound like much at first. But nothing compares to the expensive hit series that has 11 seasons now, especially not on Netflix. ‘One Piece’ is a series of streaming elaborate and therefore cannot be compared to long-running American series such as ‘Supernatural’ or ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. It has budgets completely different and made in much less time.

Thus, it is more than unlikely that ‘One Piece’ will last that long. The alternative is adaptation skip some of the saga or summarize it in abbreviated form. Given One Piece’s passionate fanbase, this is an absolute no.

Casting Netflix will soon be problematic

The biggest challenge for the cast of ‘One Piece’: aging

If the Netflix series dares the titanic task of adaptation everything is saga in ‘One Piece’, we are faced with the following problem. Creating such a complex hit series is always necessary almost two years per season. So, theoretically different 20 years so that the series live-action it’s over.

Throughout the course of the manga, not even half a year ago in the first 600 chapters. For a series that releases a new season every one or two years, this temporal density impossible movie.

The problem: The main characters in the Netflix adaptation all have some 40 years to the end of the series. However, their drawn models are few 20 years in the manga.

A concrete example? Sanji actor Taz Skylar may be 11 years older 47 times. Then no one would buy him the role of a young 20-year-old pirate. Emily Rudd, who played Nami in the ‘One Piece’ series, is now the biggest cast member with 30 years. So it won’t take long for the series to hit Netflix age limit in the cast.

‘One Piece’ can be as successful as it wants to be, but failure is inevitable

There are so many reasons to think that the Netflix series will eventually reach the point of failure. The only way to bring the pirate adventure to a satisfying conclusion make big changes After all, there is nothing worse than not reaching their destination and finding the legendary ‘One Piece’.

Whether it’s a radical cut, a possible cast change, or a complete change in story direction, the sad truth is that ‘One Piece’ will have to take a different address for get rid of problems which suggests a live-action in the anime.

Maybe we fans should resign ourselves to the fact that the manga and the Netflix adaptation are one day They are different paths. And we always have the manga to live ‘One Piece’ in its entirety.

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