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One thousand five hundred crores from friends as a contribution to the victory

The Conference on Support for Ukraine in Copenhagen reaffirmed that the West is not weary from war and is ready to help us.

Delegates from 26 countries met in the spectacular Copenhagen on 11 August, where time seems to have stopped completely. Delegations to the conference were represented by heads of defense agencies (Ukraine, UK, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden), represented by their deputies or other high-ranking deputies, and Iceland was the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, the defense ministers of Canada, New Zealand and Georgia, as well as representatives of Romania and Japan, virtually attended the event.

One thousand five hundred crores from friends as a contribution to the victory

Someone will say: 40 countries participated in the ‘Ramstein’ format. We’ll answer the skeptics: it’s a slightly different format. Unlike Ramstein’s search for emergency aid, this convention “looks” into the more distant future. It aims to strengthen long-term support for Ukraine and find ways to increase financial support, weapons production, Ukrainian military training and mining.

appeal to stop nuclear disaster

Of course, it was held behind closed doors. So that there was not even the technical possibility of listening to what was being discussed, participants left their smartphones in special safes and in airplane mode, outside the meeting room. And it all happened in the wonderful Danish parliament building: Christiansborg.

One thousand five hundred crores from friends as a contribution to the victory

However, the beginning of the debate was open to the press, so that everyone could hear the video speech of the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, greetings from the Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Fredriksen and the Ministers of Defense. The three host countries: Denmark, Ukraine and the United Kingdom: Morten Bedskov, Oleksiy Reznikov and Ben Wallace.

One thousand five hundred crores from friends as a contribution to the victory

In his speech, the Ukrainian president raised the issue of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant and stressed that Russia is deliberately using the nuclear power plant for terror and armed provocation, posing the threat of a nuclear disaster for the whole of Europe. “Russia has become a terrorist state and is, in fact, taking nuclear power plants hostage, blackmailing everyone out of potential catastrophe,” the leader of Ukraine said. Russia could have caused the largest radioactive accident in history, which, in terms of actual consequences, could be more devastating than Chornobyl and, in fact, very similar to the use of nuclear weapons.

“The sooner we stop Russia, the sooner Europe and the world can feel safe again,” Zelensky told the audience. He called for tougher sanctions against Russia and political pressure. He reprimanded some countries, without naming anyone, who supplied and in some places continue to supply components and dual-use products to the terrorist country, which still finances Russia billions of dollars through trade. and rebuke the country that blocks the financing. of Ukraine” (we have a sense of which country he was referring to, but if the president doesn’t name it, we’re not even going, we’ll just say that his representation in Copenhagen is not of a high standard) was).

“And, most importantly, we need even more support for Ukraine with arms and ammunition. To really stop Russia, the Ukrainian Armed Forces must have as many shells as it needs to feel it. Because Russia cannot exert pressure on the battlefield. Ukraine needs so much power and such long-range weapons that Russia is finally forced to think about finding a peaceful solution.”

One thousand five hundred crores from friends as a contribution to the victory

ben wallace

There will be guns, but not today

“Ukraine is fighting, and our goal has not changed – it is the restoration of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state within internationally recognized borders. To do this, we need to stop the enemy, stabilize the front line When its length exceeds 2,500 km, and along a length of 1,300 km, active combat operations are being conducted at the front, as well as preparing a retaliatory action,” said Defense Minister Oleksey Reznikov.

One thousand five hundred crores from friends as a contribution to the victory

Photo: Oleksey Reznikov

He arrived in Copenhagen with a new list (how many were already there…) and gave it to his colleagues who would take it home to check what else they could grant.

However, it is not only about what the partners can offer now, but also about establishing a system of procurement in third countries and new production for the future as well. After all, everyone understands that Ukraine will have to defend itself against Russia for a long time.

In particular, in the United Kingdom, a fund was created to raise funds for the purchase of military equipment. According to Ben Wallace, he currently has €500 million: from the UK, as well as from Canada and Australia, Norway, Denmark and many others. Not that there are many, but it is a start and some partners have already announced their intention to join.

One thousand five hundred million euros were accumulated in the conference itself. For the years 2022-2023. It’s not a huge amount either, but Morten Bedskov says there will be more to come. In addition, the next conference, and some already call it a donor conference (although this is not quite right), is due in mid-September. During this time, countries that have not yet made specific commitments will be consulted regarding their contribution, whether it is funding, or the allocation of trainers, or production facilities for the training of our troops.

One thousand five hundred crores from friends as a contribution to the victory

Morton Bedskov

Some announced their plans at the conference. Specifically, the UK will double the number of M270 surface-to-air missiles (the British equivalent of HIMARS) it delivers to Ukraine, as well as a significant number of precision missiles that can reach up to 80 km away. can hit the target. It is significant that Operation Interflex courses are being conducted in the United Kingdom for 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers, the instructors will be officers from the Royal Army, and also in Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and Copenhagen, Norway as announced. ,

Our good and close friends, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, have promised to increase the production of artillery systems and ammunition in their factories.

Denmark, a small country, initiator and host of the conference, has been helping us with defense matters through the Peace and Stabilization Fund mechanism for many years. This time, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom, Mette Fredriksen, announced the allocation of an additional 110 million euros for military aid to Ukraine. This state sent its 130 trainers to the state, 100 million crowns will be allocated for the training program. In addition, Denmark delivers weapons and other equipment to Ukraine, it is worth mentioning at least 2 Harpoon missile launchers and various shells for them.

One thousand five hundred crores from friends as a contribution to the victory

Mette Fredriksen

The leader of the demining program will (unexpectedly) be Iceland, which does not have its own army. But, as Foreign Minister órdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir explained, the country is ready to develop a concept and establish cooperation in the preparation of the mission. We are grateful for your sincere desire to help.

Oleksey Reznikov said he was satisfied with the results of the conference. He indicated that he cannot reveal everything, as much of the information is classified as “secret”. He assured partners and journalists that Ukraine is ready to fight for its sovereignty and independence on land, air and sea until complete victory.

…welcomes you with a large Ukrainian flag right next to the Copenhagen train station. This is not because the conference of the Northern European allies in support of Ukraine was held in the Danish capital. You can see small flags on the top of the houses, in the windows of the houses. The cafe waitress asks me where I’m from, I’ll tell her: from Ukraine. “We really, really support you, fingers crossed for you; I don’t know a single person who would support Russia and Putin,” the girl answers emphatically.

“We are on your side and will continue to support you as long as it is necessary,” the conference participants said.

The whole civilized world is with us, which means “everything will be Ukraine”!

Olga Tanasichuk, Copenhagen


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