One woman killed and 5 injured in New York subway shooting

Ecuadorian authorities have confirmed the death of two children who fell into a lagoon in Ecuador and drowned.

Recently, the United States media reported a shooting inside the New York subway at the Mount Eden station in the Bronx, in which one person has so far died, besides 5 people have been injured, as reported by DailyMail. .

According to what is known, everything happened on the platform of Train 4 in a residential area around 4:47 pm on Monday, February 12, where the firing started on the train, which continued till the platform, as reported by the police . ,

It is known that due to the situation, the NYPD informed the public to avoid Jerome Avenue between Inwood and Townsend Avenues.

Eyewitnesses said: “I heard gunshots, running sounds, gunshots, like, maybe, six times, five, six times. I heard two children screaming. And then when I saw the train coming, that’s when I ran down the stairs, because the train was so fast,” as CBSNews reported.

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Regarding the injured people, he said that they are three men, aged 15, 28 and 71 years, and two women, aged 14 and 29 years. He said that four of them have suffered serious injuries.

At present, New York authorities are continuing their investigation to determine those responsible and the circumstances that led to the shooting that left one person dead and four others injured.

In view of what happened, New York City Emergency Management reported through its social networks that “public transportation disruptions, delays, road closures and emergency personnel are expected near Jerome Avenue and Mount Eden Avenue”.

Authorities are now expected to provide information about those who were involved in the shooting.

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