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Online Doctors: When and When Not – Martin Sid Magazine

It has been no way, much less easy. However, gradually Telemedicine making its way into Spanish private healthcare, However, unfortunately, it had to be implemented on a mandatory basis due to the pandemic.

Undoubtedly, online health insurance medical consultation is a tool with many benefits, but there are some other singularities to keep in mind as well.

Pros and cons of distance therapy

epidemic of COVID-19 has changed many of our habits more daily. And it is that we have become accustomed to carrying out many issues electronically. A clear example of this is health-related management. In this article, we delve deeply advantages and disadvantages In this emerging form of medicine.

Consultation 24/7 without waiting list

Many insurance companies have included video consultations and private medical chats among their benefits and coverage. Something that you can easily check, for example, when calculating your health insurance with VIVAZ. not in vain, Quick responsehome care and free access He is their main worker. favor, by the way, the early diagnosis Avoiding any possible situation and long waiting list.

It survives trips and it’s cheap

Online counseling is booming even after the pandemic and is one of the main reasons economic savings Compared to traditional and face-to-face options. not in vain, this method Avoid displacement of any kind For our health center unless it is really necessary.

stop self diagnosis

The speed of diagnosis makes this online consultation method avoid One of the great crises of medicine, self test, We must not forget that the only viable option to face any health problem, is to be advised by the experts that health insurance provides to us. Are you too lazy to go to the consultation? Online medicine will leave you no excuse.

an option is not always valid

online medical appointment Requires the use of various equipment such as videoconferencing, telephone or chat, which abundantly explains one of its main shortcomings. And it is that, especially speaking of our elders, there are people who are not ready to deal with these tools easily enough. Fortunately, process simplifications and training campaigns are slowly achieving that no one goes completely out of the digital age.

On the other hand, it should be kept in mind that despite its myriad benefits, online counseling is not always viable. And we are not talking about any kind of material or human constraint. not in vain, There are many pathologies thateither because of its gravity or because of some singularities, It is not advisable to treat electronically, We would all agree that a cold, very easy to diagnose, suffice and remotely avoidable. However, there are times when this is not enough. Therefore, to conclude, we must note that Face-to-face care should be understood as a support/supplementInstead of something that eliminates the traditional query altogether.


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