Only a win like the one against France will leave ‘Tano’

Only a win like the one against France will leave 'Tano'

Rayados fell in their first leg against San Luis and need to win to try to secure their ticket to the Clausura 2023 semifinals.

José Antonio ‘Tato’ Noriega sports president of streaked clarified that if Monterrey was eliminated by San Luis in the quarterfinals of Opening Tournament 2023 the technician Fernando ‘Tano’ Ortiz will keep his position and will only be left if they lose Gibraltar ante France which fell to a 14-0 victory.

“It is likely (that he will keep his position if they lose), because we believe in what this coaching staff has contributed, it is in line with our values ​​and finding how we want the team to play.

“Football is a different industry, if we are Gibraltar tomorrow and we will see ourselves surpassed, beaten, the result and action will be sad, we will think about what happened, but it is not like that, we will see a clear group with its ideas, daring, I hope the personality will show. , there are players in the World Cup, players with a European tour, it is necessary “To be a team that shows everything that we always talk about, our energy is focused on the fact that tomorrow we will be proud to belong to Monterrey and get let’s see the results ahead,” he stated.

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Noriega stated above after a few days passed France defeated Gibraltar, 14-0 in the Euro Cup qualifiers and this Saturday at Liga MX The Monterrey team will fight to return against the Atlético de San Luis to earn your pass to the semifinals of the 2023 Apertura Tournament.

Monterrey They lost 1-0 in the first leg, playing at the Alfonso Lastras stadium, and that Saturday they will fight to beat the Potosí team to advance to the semifinals and continue the fight for the title.

The manager made it clear that the team’s performance in the first game of the quarterfinals was far from what it should have been streaked but he is confident that they will achieve a different game at the BBVA stadium.

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“The game of saint louis We all saw it, it’s far from what our team needs and especially in a direct elimination, the group stage, we have more, we showed it in the tournament, it’s complete again, so it’s clear that the team does not represent what. it should be streaked.

“Fortunately, as Tano said, it’s not that bad. It allows us to let the team recover the qualities it showed in the tournament, to change things, we need to change it and improve it a lot,” he added.

For the return match, streaked need a victory at any point, because an aggregate tie will give them a pass to the semifinals, due to the fact that they finished in second place in the regular round with 33 points, while the Potosí team finished in seventh with 23.

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