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Oops scary! 5 billion years more sun loses energy

Tantrum – The Sun, as a star, which is a source of energy for Earth, is said to be constantly losing mass or running out of energy.

Even though it has been predicted for a long time, is it a sign of the apocalypse on Earth? Live Science quoted Nation World News, Saturday, August 13, 2022, as the nuclear fusion reaction that propels the Sun, converting mass into energy according to Einstein’s famous equation, E = mc^2.

Since the Sun is constantly producing energy, it is also constantly losing mass. Experts estimate that this process will take another 5 billion years until it is completely ‘out of gasoline’.

For the rest of the Sun’s lifetime, models of how stars evolve over time predict that the Sun will lose about 0.1 percent of its total mass before dying.

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Brian DiGiorgio, an astronomer at the University of California, Santa Cruz, says that when they complete 5 billion years, the Sun will become a red giant.

This means that the Sun will be bigger and cooler at the same time. When this happened, the Sun as we know it today was gone.

Citing space, the Sun will turn into a red giant that is 2,000 times brighter than it is now. It will enter that phase after burning off most of the hydrogen in its core.

According to NASA, about 5 billion years from now the Sun will stop producing heat through nuclear fusion and its core will become unstable and shrink.

If the sun exploded, all human and plant life on Earth would be destroyed, aka the apocalypse. The death of our solar system would undoubtedly be the result of the explosion of the Sun.

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Quoted from the Science Times, scientists do not believe the explosion will occur because the Sun is so small compared to other stars in the Milky Way.

However, astronomers believe that giant supernovae will be extremely rare. The Sun is expected to end in a slow and gradual motion.

According to experts, at the end of time the Sun will cool and get bigger, then turn into a red monster.

DiGiorgio acknowledged that there is no consensus among experts yet on how much the Sun will swell during the red giant phase.

According to him, there are projections that indicate that the Sun will grow large enough to swallow Earth and cause the planet to spirally rotate and swallow itself.

However, he said, there is also the possibility that the Sun-sized extension may not reach the Earth. That is, the Earth can still survive and continue to orbit. The problem is, can the Earth survive without the Sun’s energy?

DiGiorgio said, “Even if the Earth survives, there is no way for humans to survive.”

“The heat and radiation from the Sun would not only boil the oceans and atmosphere, but could also boil the Earth,” he continued.

DiGiorgio also offers two solutions. First, it gradually moves the Earth’s orbit beyond the orbit of Saturn.

The goal is to keep it warm enough to be as habitable as it is today. “However, it is very impractical,” he said.

The second solution, DiGiorgio continued, ‘abandon Earth and look for another planet or solar system to live in.’

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