Orange peels fight cellulite from the inside with these food tips

Orange peels fight cellulite from the inside with these food tips

When fat accumulates under the skin and small lumps and dimples appear, the phenomenon that occurs is cellulite or orange peel, a skin disorder that affects 90% of women and is completely indifferent to body or appearance changes. However, the fact that it is a common phenomenon does not mean that it has no solution: the right diet and training in physical exercise are the key to reducing its presence and avoiding its appearance.

Although the accumulation of fat is the main cause of cellulite, there are many and varied causes that lead to the appearance of orange peel skin. The most common causes range from genetic factors to circulation problems or poor diet. An excess of free radicals in the body, a toxin that attacks elasticity and collagen in the skin, is another of the main causes.

To fight orange peel skin or, if you do not suffer from this disorder, to prevent its appearance, it is necessary to protect the skin inside and out. Physical exercise, diet and a healthy, free lifestyle are key to skin care and the process starts from within. Since diet is essential in this, we bring you the best nutrition tips to fight orange peels.

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Stay hydrated

Being well hydrated helps to remove toxins and purify the body, making it easier to clean out toxic substances that are in your body and prevent them from accumulating under the skin. To do this, drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water every day, and take infusions such as chamomile or passion flower to improve digestion and cleanse the body.

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Also, make sure that a good part of your diet is made up of hydrating foods, that is, healthy fats, such as olive oil, avocado, nuts or pumpkin. These foods, in addition to the rule of hydration like water, also favor the elimination of toxins, and are therefore great for fighting orange peels.

Bet on rich foods in easy

Easy food is great for our skin. The antioxidant properties of foods such as fruits, especially citrus fruits, vegetables or oily fish, provide luminosity and shine, and are important as they speed up the process of removing free radicals from the skin. Because of these properties, its action targets cellulite and helps fight and eliminate it.

A diet rich in iron

Iron deficiency is another cause that contributes to the orange peel appearance. Foods such as vegetables, lean meats or seafood are great sources of iron, which are necessary in a healthy diet, which advocates use for the skin. Iron is involved in the formation of blood and helps to carry oxygen to the cells, which improves circulation and therefore the appearance of the skin.

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Eliminate toxins with cleansing foods

In addition to good hydration, a diet rich in potassium, prebiotics or probiotics, all of which are famous for being part of the cleansing food group, help remove toxins and promote circulation and the appearance of the skin. Many of the causes that promote the appearance of cellulite are visibly reduced by the effects of these foods.

Food to avoid

Just as there is a wide variety of foods that prevent and combat orange peel, there are many others that seriously affect the skin and make its appearance easier. Alcohol, coffee, sugar or saturated fats are some of the things you should avoid in your diet if you don’t want to suffer from this disorder and keep your skin smooth and healthy.


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