Orbem and Vencomatic guarantee that in-ovo sexing is non-invasive

Orbem and Vencomatic guarantee that in-ovo sexing is non-invasive

This work proves that Physiological neuronal activity in chick embryos does not begin before day 13 of incubation meaning that pain cannot be processed before this moment.

This finding is important for animal welfare standards, providing scientific evidence supporting the planned change to the current German ban on hatching chicks after the sixth day of incubation.

  • she German Federal Council of Ministers (Bundeskabinett) decided to draft some aids to adapt the ban on the end of the incubation process of chick embryos after the 12th day, starting January 1, 2024.

The results found in this latest study on pain perception in embryos prove that non-invasive technology Gender Focus is he way forward when arriving at sex in-ovo shape more polite with animals. A perfect alignment with our mission to develop technology meets high standards of animal welfare and sustainability“, commented on Dr. Maria Laparidou Scientific Director of Orbem, veterinarian and expert in embryonic development.

About a year ago, the two companies announced their strategic partnership for the development of Gender Focus: an in-ovo sexing solution that can detect sex in chicken embryos before day 13 of incubation with magnetic resonance technology and artificial intelligence.

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Teams work hard development and installation of your modular car-to-car solution which combines technology Gender Focus from Orbem with the newly developed Prinzen automated egg handling system, which allows scanning 24,000 eggs per hour.

  • Given the proposed adjustment to the German regulations of let him have sex in-ovo in it day 12 and after too January 1, 2024 the companies hope to soon deliver their first facility in Germany.

To date, 6 Genus Focus modules are available in French incubators and more than 10 million eggs have been scanned.

This combined solution is versatile, precise can be used with any type of chicken and does not affect hatchability because it is not invasive or requires contact.

Customers are very satisfied with high levels of automation and efficiency given that only one employee is required to manage the entire process, even using several modules in parallel.

  • Besides, flexibility Adding more modules allows hatcheries to increase your egg scanning production thus satisfying the growing market demand.
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“This pain perception study confirms our belief in that Orbem’s non-invasive solution That’s the best option for the poultry sector, for animal welfare and for biosecurity. Adaptations to German regulations allowing in-ovo sexing up to and including the 12th They open new opportunities, and not only in Germany, but for hatcheries all over the world. We will continue to work closely with Orbem to introduce the system to any hatchery can be as simple as possible“, points to Dra. Lotte van de Ven CEO of Vencomatic Group (VMG) and expert in animal science.

We are happy to guide you through all the options Genus Focus can offer you and show you the results you can achieve in your incubator.

  • Contact our specialists Jennifer Volz (Business Development Lead Orbem) y Johan Vermeulen (Strategic Business Development VMG) for more information.

At Vencomatic Group we have a mission to make poultry farming sustainable.

  • Let’s try balance runs a successful business with low environmental impact possible, while striving to achieve the highest level of animal welfare.

We are constantly developing our products based on a deep knowledge of the bird, its welfare and its eggs.

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Our exclusive solutions support the whole “egg road” for layers, breeders, broilers and incubators.

  • Consider poultry housing equipment (Vencomatic, Van Gent), egg collection and handling equipment (Prinzen) and climate solutions (Agro Supply).

And we don’t stop here, find out how Meggsius driving to precision farming and gives us the opportunity to help to our customers even more, achieving the maximum potential of every bird, every batch and every farm.

  • For more information, visit: www.vencomaticgroup.com
  • Contact Vencomatic Group: [email protected]

Orb based on years of scientific research at the intersection of artificial intelligence, imaging technology and embryonic development of chicken.

  • Combining the latest generation of MRI, the speed of artificial intelligence and computer vision, Orbem develops scanning and sorting solutions for the poultry industry and other sectors.

Based in Munich, its international, diverse and multidisciplinary research team imagines new frontiers every day to build and healthy and sustainable future.

To learn more about the technology behind Genus Focus and other applications in the poultry market, visit Orbem.ai.