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Orgasms are different, they have created an addiction… Myths about ‘girls’ are disproved by a sexologist

When a matchmaker came into our lives, it went from a legion of fans to a multitude of detractors, if you could be an addict, if it took away your sense of being in denial that you could be affected when you were in a relationship.

However, I have not heard anyone criticize the turbo-straw (which they can do mechanically in a few minutes) or warn about possible negative effects.


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The fact that female sexuality continues to be developed in terms of stigma is more than evident from this example.

But it is time to deny the frauds that are going around.

For this reason, there is no one better than Megwyn White, a certified clinical sexologist and Director of Education at Satisfier, who is more than aware of how far women still have to go in terms of their pleasure.

Why do you think so many people are against using toys that allow us to get there in a few minutes?
Sex is still a topic that can make people uncomfortable or embarrassed, and the myth still persists that the only way to have a healthy and satisfying sexual experience with a partner. But the truth is that everyone deserves to experience pleasure and satisfaction, regardless of their relationship status. Some people may be reluctant to use sex toys to reach orgasm quickly for various reasons. For example, cultural or religious beliefs that discourage or target sexual exploration, lack of accurate information about sex toys and their benefits, or personal preferences that favor more traditional forms of sexual expression.

However, despite these concerns, it is important to recognize that sex toys can offer a wide range of benefits. By increasing blood flow and providing precise stimulation to erogenous zones, sex toys can help enhance sexual experiences and accelerate the rate of orgasm. Sex toys can be a great way to keep the game going in long-term relationships. By trying new toys and experimenting with different forms of pleasure, couples can keep their sexual connection fresh and exciting, increase their connection and strengthen their intimacy.

Are the orgasms caused by sex toys any different from what we can achieve without toys?
Joy is a complex physiological and psychological process that can be achieved in a variety of ways, including the use of six toys. Although the experience of enjoying pleasure through a sex toy may be different from manual methods, this does not mean that it is less pleasurable. Many people find that using sex toys enhances their sexual experiences and allows them to explore different sensations and erogenous zones. Sex toys can also provide a level of arousal that is difficult to achieve with manual stimulation alone, and is especially useful for people who have difficulty achieving pleasure with other methods. Everyone’s experiences of sex and pleasure are unique and there is no right or wrong way to achieve sexual pleasure.

What are the benefits of using a toy to enjoy alone or company?
Using sex toys to explore new sexual experiences and sensations together can be a way to embark on a journey of sexual exploration as a couple. Just as a traveler can use a map to discover new destinations and plan their journey, couples can use the six toys as a guide to navigate new erogenous zones and experiment with different forms of pleasure.

Toys can also help to increase awareness of pleasure pathways in the body, which lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of sexual desires and preferences. In addition, they promote blood circulation and stimulate the nervous system, which can have positive effects on health and well-being. In fact, access to pleasure depends on maintaining physical and emotional balance. Studies have shown that regular orgasm and sexual activity can help reduce stress, improve mood, and even boost the immune system.

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Why is it that male masturbation – even fast and sometimes mechanical – does not receive any kind of criticism, but it happens with the sport that women reach the climax in a few minutes, who immediately exit these things, who suggest?
This is an excellent question that highlights the unfortunate double standards that exist when it comes to male and female sexuality. It is true that for centuries men have been allowed to openly and anonymously express their sexuality, while women have been shamed and branded into doing the same. Masturbation was considered a natural and healthy part of male sexuality, and female masturbation was subject to shame and judgment.

When it comes to romantic toys, there is a clear gender bias. Men are encouraged to use toys to enhance their sexual experiences and performance, while women are often discouraged from doing so. This is due to the prevailing belief in society that female sexuality is something to be contained and contained, rather than celebrated and explored. It is important to pay attention to the obsession with the male enjoying and the sex gap that
exists in heterosexual women. For example, studies have shown that homosexual women report higher rates of orgasm during sexual activity than heterosexual women. This is not due to any inherent difference in libido or sexual ability, but rather due to the fact that homosexual sex is often more equal and focused on pleasure for both partners.

Satisfactory (Pro 2 Generation 2 model more specifically) was a milestone in the market and in the intimate life of women: How Satisfactory Pro 2 Generation 3 will turn us?
Our latest innovation from Satisfier, the Satisfier Pro 2 Generation 3, is a revolutionary liquid air technology that mimics the feeling of a stream of water, especially when combined with your favorite lube. This can be done by enclosing a very thin silicone membrane. The thin membrane adjusts the shape of the air pressure waves, providing direct sensual contact with the clitoris and other erogenous zones. One of the unique aspects of this new technology is that it allows you to explore the sensitive tissues of the clitoris both directly and indirectly. For example, you can try exploring through the clitoral shaft with a downward stroke and at the vaginal opening or entrance, you can move the orgasmic platform and stimulate the internal clitoris to experience a truly mind-blowing experience.

To get even more pleasure, you can use a soft silicone membrane to stimulate the nipples. A soft sensation (like a kiss) can be aimed with the pulsation and vibration function, adding a new level of pleasure to your game. This product will now also be available with the addition of the Satisfier Connect app, which will help enhance the features with more personalized options like remote play and custom remote program settings.

Where did the idea of ​​connecting love stories with simultaneous vibrations through the app come from?
With the recent advances in sexual wellness products and the increase in the use of sex toys by women, there has been a greater demand for innovations that stimulate not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. That’s why Saturifer partnered with Berlinable, a leader in the development of amateur content. We wanted to do something different and engage our users, we invited them to collaborate with us on stories and asked them to write love stories inspired by our products. Remotyca is a labor of love that goes beyond the physical and penetrates into the deepest recesses of the mind and soul. This satisfying enterprise takes hobbyist innovation to the next level, providing a truly holistic experience that sets them apart from the competition. It happens that there is no other way which not only stimulates but also inspires the imagination, a way which can only be called pure ecstasy.

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