Over 2,300 people trained with GDI

Over 2,300 people trained with GDI

Since 2013, the Innovation Managers Program of the General Foundation of the University of La Laguna has run 193 courses on innovation, digital transformation and value addition.

Innovation is a fundamental aspect for improving the competitiveness of companies. The Innovation Managers Program (GDI) of the General Foundation of the University of La Laguna is committed to this, training people from all over the Canary Islands who want to grow professionally in this sector and increase their employment opportunities Want to

GDI has recently finished this latest version. In these seven years, it has trained over 2,300 people in innovation, digital transformation and transformation, and pricing. During this time, 193 courses have been run and 132 scholarship holders have put into practice what they have learned in research centers or companies on the various islands of the Canary Islands.

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There are three levels of innovation and digital transformation in the training menu that will make the students experts in the chosen subject as per the courses they take. On the other hand, there is a transfer and pricing training to develop skills related to the exploitation and application of knowledge in the business world, as well as three specialist training courses: one in communication, marketing and digital commerce, which makes it possible to Identify offers in the area. , in Change Management and Leadership to know how to lead changes at a personal and professional level; and in Big Data and Business Intelligence, a curriculum included and updated in this 2022 edition, which aims to teach the latest trends and techniques in data processing, automation and optimization in decision making, a profile sought by companies.

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The training offered by the Innovation Managers Program is pivotal in the subsidy for the Incorporation of Innovative Personnel (IPI) from the Government of the Canary Islands, so that those undertaking these training tasks have access to not only improve their professional skills, but This also to achieve labor reforms.

With regard to the inclusion of people trained in innovation in the world of work, since 2020 ULL’s General Foundation has managed an average of 25 demands for this type of profile per year, an indication that these training courses represent a valuable asset. We do. companies.

GDI began in a mixed way, but following the pandemic, the methodology was adapted, with live sessions being done exclusively online, making it easier for students from across the Canary Islands to participate. On the other hand, in each edition, the scholarship holders prepare a diagnostic report on innovation or digital transformation, which results in the identification of proposals that promote improvements in the operations of companies and that enable them to achieve a higher level of competitiveness. allows.

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The program is promoted by the Canarian Agency for Research, Innovation and Information Society of the Government of the Canary Islands, 85% financed by the European Social Fund (ESF), and developed by the University of La Laguna through its General Foundation has gone. For more information and to participate in future editions, visit www.fg.ull.es/gdi/.


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