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‘Pablo Escobier’: The story of the bear who ate 20 kg of cocaine and became a myth in Las Vegas

In 1985, when police in Georgia, United States found the dead body of a bear later baptized pablo escobierHis cause of death was as strange as it was obvious: a cocaine overdose.

The bear was found next to a canvas bag that was filled with over twenty kilos of cocaine Before being thrown from a drug smuggler’s plane.

And the corpse of the beast had an incredible journey.

Pablo Escobier.  Bear Dies Due To Intoxication.

Pablo Escobier. Bear dies due to intoxication.

The story behind the bear who died of a cocaine overdose

on 11 September 1985An elderly man from Kentucky named Fred Myers wakes up to find a dead man in his driveway.

As if that wasn’t weird enough, The deceased was wearing a bulletproof vest, Gucci loafers, night vision gogglesA big bag and a parachute.

Police arrived and did further investigation, It was found that he had two guns, a couple of knives, $4500 in cash, ropes and food.,

Items By Pablo Escobier Sold In Georgia, United States.

Items by Pablo Escobier sold in Georgia, United States.

And what was in the dead man’s bag? About $15 million worth of cocaine.

Police believed the man had jumped off a plane and died when his parachute failed. The deceased has been identified as Andrew Thornton.Former Narcotics Officer and Lawyer.

All that trajectory happened before becoming a drug trafficker and working for the Kentucky drug smuggling ring known as “The Company”.

Thornton died, but another unexpected victim arose: a large black bear. colloquially known as pablo escobier or, more simply, cocaine bear,

Pablo Escobier: Cocaine addicted bear by accident

About three months after Thornton’s death, the black bear was found dead in the Chattahoochee National Forest.In Georgia, the same forest in which the plane crashed.

The animal was surrounded by 40 empty packages that were opened, all of which contained cocaine.

Pablo Escobier.  Bear That Became A Myth After Its Tragic End.

Pablo Escobier. Bear that became a myth after its tragic end.
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Investigators concluded that the packages were filled with drugs before the bears reached them. In addition, he recognized that Thornton decided to throw the package off the plane before it crashed, Because it was too heavy.

He probably intended to retrieve the packages once he was safely back on the ground. Even then, Even if he had survived the jump, he would have found out that the bear who just ate cocaine, And Narco must have had a sad ending too.

To confirm the facts with Bear, Her body was sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, where it was cut and her abdomen was examined.

The medical examiner, who carried out the procedure, will later note his findings: his stomach was literally full of cocaine,

There is no mammal on the planet that can escape it. In fact, he was diagnosed cerebral hemorrhage, respiratory failure, hyperthermia, kidney failure, heart failure, and stroke. During this his body exploded.

Cocaine Bears and the “Bluegrass Conspiracy”

News of the bear’s unusual fate spread through the American media and quickly became part of the legend surrounding Thornton in Kentucky. A story that is referred to as bluegrass conspiracy,

The bear himself was jokingly nicknamed by the newspapers ,pablo escobier“In honor of Colombian drug smuggler Pablo Escobar”who, at the height of his cartel, It is estimated that it supplies more than 80% of the cocaine smuggled into the United States,

Merchandising Bear Who Died Of Overdose And Became A Hero.

Merchandising Bear who died of overdose and became a hero.

This may be the last time anyone has heard of a cocaine bear, Were it not for an entity known as Kentucky to Kentucky Who decided in 2015 that bears are part of the state’s cherished history And he insisted on finding out what had happened to his body.

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What they discovered was that, after an overdose of cocaine enough to kill an elephant, the carcass of Pablo Escobier embarks on a frightening adventure.

Tracers found that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation medical examiner left after the autopsy, The body of an animal to a friend who was engaged in taxidermy.

This man stuffed the bear and then donated it to the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, which displayed it in its visitor center.

The Tragic End of Pablo Escobier’s Corpse in Las Vegas

In the early 1990s, a wildfire forced National Recreation Area workers to temporarily move the bears to a warehouse to keep them in good condition.

Then after only one month in storage, She was kidnapped by an unknown thief who sold her to a moneylender.

Pablo Escobier.  Bear Carcass Traveled Much Of The United States.

Pablo Escobier. Bear carcass traveled much of the United States.

pawn shop owner, Sold it to country musician Waylon Jenningswho gave it to a friend of his living in Las Vegas, a certain Ron Thompson, a well-known dealer and party planner in Sin City.

Thompson, who is rumored to have been an aide to Andrew Thornton during his time as a drug dealer, He displayed the bear in his massive mansion outside Las Vegas until 2009, when he passed away.

According to his relatives, Thompson spoke to him about Pablo Escobier as a confidante and He was convinced that the mutilated body had worked wonders.

Currently, the fate of the only bear in the world to die of a cocaine overdose is unknown. What is certain is that it became a myth, at least because of the Thompson stories in Las Vegas.

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