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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Pakistani pilot claimed to have recorded a dazzling ‘UFO’ video during the flight

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For a long time there has been debate on whether there are aliens or not. Many times UFOs have been claimed to be seen on Earth but no concrete evidence has been found in this regard. Now one such claim has been made by a pilot of Pakistan. The pilot claims he saw a UFO during the flight and also recorded a video of the incident.

Pilot of Pakistan’s official airline PIA says that he saw a very bright sun. The pilot reported that the UFO was very bright despite the sunlight. It has been claimed by quoting sources that it is rare to see such bright light during the day. The pilot claims that it could be a space station or artificial planet.

Recorded video

Many locals of Rahim Yar Khan of Pakistan also recorded a video of this shiny thing. Giving this information, a PIA spokesperson said that the pilot had seen a bright UFO on January 23 during a local flight and had video of it. The spokesman said that the pilot was seen around four o’clock in the evening but it could not be said clearly what it was.

This was not the first claim to be made about UFOs or aliens. Such claims have been made earlier. Ished of Israel also claimed about aliens that aliens live on earth and their base is Mars. He claimed that a deal has been reached between aliens and America, which Donald Trump is also aware of.

Earlier claims

Earlier, UFOs were also claimed to be sighted at the Holomen Air Force Base in New Mexico. In 1950, engineer Cliff Booth claimed that he and a man photographed a cigar-shaped alien. Apart from this, the US government also admitted in one of its reports that the guards had seen the alien in 1980 at the Cutland Airforce base in New Mexico.

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