PAN members want to remove Lopez Obrador's immunity

PAN members want to remove Lopez Obrador's immunity

The National Action Party (PAN) spoke in favor of abolishing presidential jurisdiction, and proposed that the measure should be applied retroactively and without prescription for serious crimes.

The initiative comes in response to a recent announcement by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to present a similar proposal, but for the next term.

Marco Cortés Mendoza, PAN’s national leader, expressed the party’s willingness to support the abolition of jurisdiction, as long as it is implemented immediately and has no effect on the current president.

The Cortes questioned the position of López Obrador, who had previously announced similar measures but only made reforms that expanded the list of crimes without addressing the article of presidential jurisdiction.

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The PAN leader reminded that the President had promised to abolish jurisdiction in 2021, but according to Cortes, this was only a simulation. He stressed the importance of the initiative being approved promptly and argued that former presidents should be held accountable for actions and omissions during their respective mandates.

Cortes pointed to shocking statistics regarding the killings, the management of the COVID-19 pandemic, the lack of medical care for serious illnesses like cancer and the shortage of medications for older adults.

For this reason, he urged the President not to shirk responsibility and set an example to guarantee equality between citizens and public officials.

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“The President should not remove them, leave them without jurisdiction and set an example so that true equality is maintained between citizens and public officials. It must pay for the insecurity and violence, corruption, impunity and embezzlement that has been done to millions of Mexican men and women,” Cortes concluded.


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