The wounded, the lost, the optimists and the dramatic actors

Parliamentary session: the wounded, the lost, the optimists and the dramatic actors

Done under a gag order, this session ended the same way it began, in general tension.

Instead of distributing notes to parliamentarians, I chose to recall some important moments in political life in recent months:


First electoral slap on October 2 in Jean-Talon, François Legault’s troops were knocked out. The blow was so strong that the caucus still has bruises. Bruises that make you scream in pain even the smallest hole. Bad polls, dubious subsidies, poorly crafted declarations, the CAQ troops are eager to heal their wounds and get back on track.


Without a leader, liberals find themselves. The famous Cadet-Pratte recovery committee finally revealed the fruit of long work aimed at giving the political party a flashlight in these dark times. When received, when forgotten, what was promised as a key positioning piece gathered dust. It must be said that although the exercise seems to be carried out with rigor and seriousness, it does not respond to the main mandate, which is to explain what the Liberals are and should be understood in the eyes of the voters.

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Paul St-Pierre Plamondon revealed the expected year 1 budget for a sovereign Quebec. Conclusion: a sovereign Quebec would be financially viable. To survive does not mean to prosper, the PQ troops want to show what everyone, even most federalists, knew from the beginning: Quebec will not be broken if by magic it becomes independent. This is yet another risky exercise for a political party that needs to demonstrate credibility and rigor. The test was successful.


The Solidaires have been putting on a show for the past few months. Between the race for the speaker, the attempts to exclude Olivier Bolduc from the race for Jean-Talon, the colorful public outing of Catherine Dorion and the deflated balloon of Sol Zanetti, QS is weak, incoherent and divided. We feel GND on the defensive, he is more comfortable on the offensive. It seems that the last Congress allowed us to bury the slingshot of war… unless you are a person with the ambition to wear the orange sweater in the next partial elections.

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