Patricia Benavides asked the JNJ to revoke the suspension against her policy


This Monday, December 11, Patricia Benavides asked the National Board of Justice (JNJ) to lift the suspension against her that prevented her from holding the position of prosecutor of the Nation for six months. The entity took this step because Benavides was accused of leading a criminal organization in the Public Ministry, with allies former advisers Alberto Hurtado Espinoza, Miguel Ángel Girado Isidro, and Jaime Villanueva Barreto, who promised to cooperate with the Prosecutor’s Office after 24 hours of detention.

“The National Board of Justice decided to suspend me from my duties for six months without a single piece of evidence against me and without respecting due process, showing that its decision has been before,” said the former prosecutor of Patricia. Benavides Nation through a statement recorded on December 7 after learning of the measure of the National Board of Justice (JNJ).

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The former National Prosecutor made this request in an extremely tense context: the testimonies of Jaime Villanueva, his former adviser, and the Colombian drug trafficker Percy Coromoto Matos implicated him in the case of his brother woman, Judge Enma Benavides, who was accused of escaping. several were investigated for smuggling drugs in exchange for money.

Patricia Benavides presented an appeal to JNJ to revoke the suspension

“Within legal terms, I filed a reconsideration appeal to declare the nullity of resolution No. 198-2023-Pleno-JNJ dated December 6, 2023, and revoking the precautionary measure of provisional suspension of my condition. as supreme prosecutor and prosecutor of the Nation, for six months, so I continue to prove my appeal to the truth and the law,” reads the document presented by Benavides to the president of the National Board of Justice (JNJ). Imelda Julia Tumialán Pinto.

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The former prosecutor determined that “at the moment I do not have an open prosecutor’s file against me nor am I being investigated for the alleged crime of a criminal organization.”

What did Patricia Benavides accuse JNJ?

After his suspension on December 7, Benavides assured that the JNJ did not respect his case and criticized that the members of the National Board of Justice sought to protect themselves when they were about to be authorized by Congress. “It is also no coincidence that just now, one year after democracy was restored in Peru, I was suspended as the country’s prosecutor.”

It is worth noting that the former National Prosecutor promised at the time that he would submit to the investigations if “guarantees of respect for due process” were given.

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