Paula Robles assures Marcelo Tinelli was “his great love”

When asked about her participation in the competition, despite being a “female”, the talented dancer who has always been away from scandals and the media, admitted that it was she who asked Marcelo to dance back. Although she did not win the competition, Paula assures that “The road traveled has already conquered me. I went to dance and give my best and that’s what mattered to me.” Told.

at one turn of the night, Andrea Taboda asked whether tinelli This was his great love. what Paula, With some blushing and smiling he replied: “Yes. Marcelo was my great love, we spent eleven years with him,” He said, and added that there was an approach in the recent past, when the driver kept him in a critical condition along with his parents.

The talented dancer, who is promoting ‘The Secret Legend of Romeo and Juliet’ by Frenchman Reda Bentifour, assures that Tinelli is “a good ex, a present father and plenty of banks”, and concluded: “It’s inevitable to me that I don’t want it.”

Paula Robles, Marcelo Tinelli’s Ex, Returns to Acting

Once again, true to his training in dance, Paula Robles Took the stage, now to present The Secret Tale of Romeo and Juliet (La Leyenda Secreta de Romeo y Juliet)A play written and directed by Frenchman Reda Bentifour.

In the drama, in which Paula plays Juliet, she also acts Geoffrey Ploquin, Pablo Firmani and Nicolas Miranda put the body in his separate Romeo.

Acrobatics, which represents death, is in charge of German cabanas. And the show also has two musicians on stage: Juan Hernández Buendia on the cello and Gaston Poirier on the synthesizer.


Paula Robles assures Marcelo Tinelli was "his great love"

Paula Robles’ great media exposure ended with her romance with Tinelli. he spent a long time disappeared from public view, Until recent months she has participated in various parades with her daughter in the framework of the beginning of her career as a model and has now re-appeared at events with a return to acting .


Paula Robles assures Marcelo Tinelli was "his great love"


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