Paula Robles Says Never Before About Her Relationship With Marcelo Tinelli: “It Was My Greatest Love”

Paula Robles opens up about her relationship with Marcelo Tinelli like never before

,i’m ashamed of tvIt was one of the first things he said. Paula Robles start your dialogue with Brito’s messenger in the air lam (America). ki dancer and ex-wife Marcelo Tinelli He broke his usual and historical silence and prepared himself to speak as he rarely did in public. “Why didn’t you ever talk, why didn’t you ever interview?” The driver asked him. “This is what I remember telling reporters: ‘The day I have something to say, I’m going to give a story.’ If not, there is no point for me to speak up and say: ‘I fell apart'”, he argued.

Francisco and Juana Tinelli’s mother brings as a novelty their return to the stage and being part of the cast of The Secret Story of Romeo and Juliet, a play written and directed by French reda bentifour, This was an excuse to sit in the living room lamBut the conversation quickly moved to a more personal level.

In line with his style, he spoke slowly and with anti-television silence as the preface to each answer. For example, when he mentioned his infamous separation from the historical driver video match. ,We were already coming from some troubles. You will not be different from day to day. we were together eleven years”, said. He also mentioned the bond he has with his children: “They are beautiful and we have a great relationship. I’m a mom who talks a lot, I’m not too harsh. Marcelo is more than just setting limits. me too, but i’m more talkative, Now Juanita is going to France. I am happy, he has everything to go and grow. I don’t know if he’s going to live or not, it’s something that happens gradually.”

“We were already coming from some crises.  you won't be different from one day to the next"Paula Robles on how she split from Marcelo Tinelli
“We were already coming from some crises. Don’t be separated from day to day,” Paula Robles on how her split from Marcelo Tinelli

“Do you watch Marcelo’s shows?” De Brito wanted to know. “I saw one for the first time and I see one from time to time, when I’m with Juani sometimes we see a little bit,” replied Robles. “Are they going to be back? Are they going to be boyfriends again?” The driver took advice and his first answer was laughter. “Question! My parents are too old, so Fran told them they were too weak, so Marcelo wanted to go see them and it was a beautiful meeting. It’s many years, a lot of history”, he explained of his approach in recent weeks and coincidentally with the recent separation of Tinelli and guillermina valdes,

“Is Marcelo a good ex?” asked the driver. ,He’s a good ex, yes. He’s there, he’s very present with the boys, banking, there’s your help…”, was the response of the dancer. “Was the separation easy?” De Brito insisted. “Ray!”, she said and laughed at Angel’s suspicions. “For me, love changes. This couple is not love but it is something that a person keeps on falling in love with. And we are parents of boys, it is not mandatory for me not to want it. he is the father of my children,, he said, adding that they don’t talk much. “Maybe earlier, when the boys were younger, we’d talk more, or we’d help each other out if one of us went on a trip,” he said.

After revealing that she doesn’t have a girlfriend, De Brito opens the game for “little angels” to ask Paula questions. Among many, Lourdes Sánchez stood out, who shot him: “Guillermina’s separation from Marcelo, surprised you?After a long silence, Robles managed to reply with two onomatopoeia: “Eh….ayyy”, they came out of his mouth with a smile. “If you thought, it’s ‘no’, De Brito said.I try to be very honest. I don’t know, what do I know, they have had their ups and downs…”, he defended himself. ,Yes, they had many troubles before them; Some were public, others not so much”, said Angel as if closing the topic.

Marcelo Tinelli and Paula Robles were present at the parade opened by their daughter Juanita at the Teatro Colón in June this year.
Marcelo Tinelli and Paula Robles were present at the parade opened by their daughter Juanita at the Teatro Colón in June this year.

“Marcelo was your great love?” Andrea Taboda wanted to know. “Oho!” Paula said earlier. And then he admitted:Yes, it was my great love. Yes of course. I have found love very beautiful, but Marcelo…”, she said and when she was about to add some more, De Brito interrupted her: “Didn’t you want to be a mom again after that couple?” ,That’s all. It is related to bondage, it is not just a desire. i love boys”, Robles closed.

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