Paula will face Cota for her relationship with ‘The Turk’ in ‘Generation 98’

Paula will face Cota for her relationship with 'The Turk' in 'Generation 98'

On Monday, October 23, a new episode of Mega’s successful nighttime soap opera, “Generación 98′” will be broadcast, airing from Monday to Thursday, starting at 10:30 pm, after. Meganoticias Prime.

In advance, Robin (Gabriel Urzúa) and Martita (Daniela Ramírez) Teach them to fire Arturo (Francisco Reyes) at the residence because of his problems caused by his marijuana plants.

Paula will face Cota

Meanwhile, after learning that Bethlehem “the Turk” (Francisca Imboden) y Cota (Luz Valdivieso) They are ex-girlfriends, Paula (Josefina Montané) face his partner.

Paula and Cota in “Generation 98′”.

“Why didn’t you tell me that Belén is your ex?” he asks the artist, and then adds: “When are you going to tell me you two are friends?”

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On the other hand, in the final stage of the production broadcast, Loreto (Ignacia Baeza) received a seizure order. Against this, Vicho (Simon Pesutic) He will ask and tell you that your only option is to pay off the debt.

How can I pay 98 million pesos without it?” Sebastián and Fernanda’s mother will answer.

Besides, Clement (Cesar Sepúlveda) You will receive a call where they will give you an alarming alert about Loreto.

Pitu and Hernán’s plan with Punta Virgen

Finally, Hernán “Chico” Olmedo (Gabriel Cañas) y Pitu Mardones (Lorena Bosch) They will settle the final details of their plan with Punta Virgen.

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Pitu and Hernán in “Generation 98”.

“In three more days, Seven, three days, these bones… They will put their signature on a document that will ruin their lives forever.. There is no going back,” warned the businessman.

Generación 98′” is broadcast from Monday to Thursday through Mega screen and its episodes can be seen 24 hours before their television premiere, through MegaGO.

You can watch the premieres of Mega teleserye episodes on live signal or in advance by subscribing to Mega Go. Also check out the trailers and highlights here.