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Pennsylvania, the land of promise! (first part)

Novels: ‘La voragine’ (1924) and ‘Tierra de promición’ (1921) by Opita José Eustacio Rivera (1888–1928) are considered two classics of Colombian and Latin American literature and their author is considered one of the great poets goes. , Died – prematurely – at the age of forty.

In this regard, the location: ‘promised Land‘ The RAE defines it -figuratively- as: 1-, “the land which, according to the Bible, God promised to the people of Israel” and 2-. “Fertile and abundant land”, the consent that I receive without discussion – without exaggeration – as an official seal, unmistakable – no doubt about it – dear, beautiful Pennsylvania!

The syrupy title – sweet, mellow if you will – is what helped me write this admirable, candid, mimosa chronicle, inspired by the rarest, extraordinary terroir, which is fictional

The collective declares and describes -brilliantly, perfectly- our most pious, precocious, secular little motherland-in the commentary-, the characteristics that adorn its polished, rooted children. Epigraph that I happily defend, accept, validate, amplify.

An inexhaustible source of reform, exemplified by a host of learned, eminent, perennial intellectuals. I mention – for example- Milcides Cortés, The Brothers (Lasallians): Gonzalo Carlos and Estanislao Luis (Lumaro Franco), authors of the hymn; Magistrates like the uncompromising, unforgettable Bernardo Ospina, an army of famous, creative, charismatic businessmen: the Escobar Aristizbal family, our classmates: Hector Mejia – among them; Traders like my colleague Hugo Aristizbal—Mi Ranchito—and so many talented, admirable characters that it would make me infinite to name them all.

Pennsylvania!, the space where we discovered, we saw the light for the first time, we took our first steps, we composed the first letters that humbled us, by the hands of the prodigal, the sacrificial: Rosalvina Ramirez and Bernardo Gutierrez. The itinerary, the chronology, which marked the hard-working, lively, unimportant journey of our lives.

The admired, magical, dreamy land to which we are accustomed, we all return regularly – like a rite of passage -, full of joy, emotion, attached, grateful descendants – own and adopted – and (regular) visitors. Heartfelt feeling-always-every December,especially for this almost defeated,humble,busy scribe-easy tears-,every time that,as the end of the year,the customary,forced return,with the prayer of the Most High,not this last Is.

A poignant return that encourages, inspires me to concoct this nostalgic, emotional, exciting, whimsical, disjointed, original, modest biographical narrative that stirs old, faint, sweet, throbbing memories in my mind Misses, engraved – almost on fire.

Pleasant, friendly retreat that invites you to return, amiable, gracious, delicate, pleasant, delicious, indulgent, harmless, gentle, revives a bunch of bizarre anecdotes, full of facts – at times bitter – and unforeseen circumstances ; of adorable posh characters; Unimaginable, colossal vicissitudes, such as the inevitable, hidden, alienated, repressed, superstitious, -impossible- love, attachment, caress that could have been and was not. There is no cost to dream.

Shocking, remote, diverse memories that are sad it hurts to recognize that they say nothing to the new, stuck-up, unscrupulous generations that, tied to cell phone screens, only manage to remember the memes. is, mocked by yesterday, choked by yesterday’s haphazard, depressive, transitory, ironic, childish, saturated, tragic, swollen present – without past and perhaps without future – that changes as fast as the world that frames it , even without seeing the harsh present reality and its miseries.

December – again wine-drenched – a month – this time of torrential rain, tragic floods – with Christmas bonuses, family reunions, reconciliation, forgiveness. The festival begins with the novena of the ‘Child God’, the singing of Christmas carols, the famous, childish play of stolen kisses, the straw in the mouth, the speaking and the no-reply, which makes us look polished, spirited, lithe, spirited, rich, sad, Green again, the translucent soul of a child, For a cozy, warm nest.

And how can we fail to mention chorizo ​​with custard, buñuelos, sweet figs, papauela, charred delicious ‘Marano’ with fern, chicharrón de siete escalas, black pudding, offal, arepa; Empanadas, Tamales, Sanchocho with ‘Choncho’ backbone, Mazamora with shredded brown sugar. Dishes that make our mouth water just thinking about them, tasting them in our imagination.

Memories carved in stone, that carve our way of being, the future, engraved – I repeat – indelible in memory and as relief, we invoke, so as to ease the stale pain of absence accumulated during our indefinite To be. , Constant, tireless, incurable wandering around the world, manifested in this colorful, emotional, laconic, light introvert. The incomprehensible, the unimaginable, the pathetic, the sensational, the vital, the hectic pursuit that shelters a little more than three quarters of a century of our constant, incessant relocation.

Aging, indestructible, polyphonic stories that – like a lost soul – claim to open, extract, liberate, review them before the dust of oblivion covers them or the dreaded Alzheimer’s haunts us, erasing them for sure. Gives Epigram lived in the company of childhood friends, adventures; Unconditional, long-lived, veteran peers – of whom there are still too few – compete for the tremendous, prodigal, unbridled, dynastic love and exhausted heartbreak with whom we share, that of humiliation, malice, destructiveness. , Chilling envy, grudge, cause trouble. The fat ones who still suffer.

Prehistoric, bloated, sad, testimonial, true longing, wrinkly – proof of living, of suffering – and that to me as a tribute to the famous, fruitful, grand, gentle oasis – almost heavenly – Pennsylvania remember! The haven of peace, established as a municipality on February 3, 1866, was declared last week’Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Department‘, thanks to the invaluable management of Luis Alberto Franco, the current President of the City Council.

title added”Caldas Pearl of the Orient”, with which Pennsylvania! Nationally recognized for its impressive, majestic

For natural beauty, fertile, rich countryside, foliage of myriad shades of green, flora and fauna; for its abundant, crystalline waters, mighty rivers; Spicy Sun. Watercolor of Light, Factory of Sunset—by the immortal bard, Pablo Neruda—in the words of Manizales; The land of harmonious, elegant, fine, incandescent, sublime, beautiful fifteen-year-olds in bloom; Magic buds, imagined.

loving, ardent, hardworking, elegant, charming, sublime, hardworking, generous, cosmic, sensuous, aloof, virtuous matron -with cinnamon skin, brown eyes and hair-; the archetype of the nobility, loyalty; Distinguished, prolific ancestors who populated the ancestral territory, whose real, domineering, excellent genes explain the formidable, splendid human quality, the gifts, the strength of the people who belong to the Expérivalvian.

Wherever they go, wherever they are, they “plot; The legacy (indisputable) of their hidalgos, adventurers, titulars, macanudos, patriarchal ancestors, clawed to the ground and the hands that uprooted the wild mountains that the municipality planted.

kindness, integrity, virtue – without exception – by their cloned, intelligent, admirable, worthy successors of the lineage, to whom I pay my tribute of authentic appreciation on behalf of the 68th batch of high school graduates – who add up to 3624 – A graduate of that glorious temple of learning, the ‘Colegio Nacional del Oriente de Caldas’. A jarring offering at the head of the illustrious guardian of heritage, anthropological tradition, the very quintessential, emblematic Gerardo Aristizbal Aristizbal.

He, like Don Quixote, is an illustrious, memorable human value-unparalleled-, an exponent of the breed, a multilateral and democratic friendly face of the good countryman; Pioneer of great causes, co-founder of the recognized, prestigious ‘Universidad El Bosque’; Soul and nerve, action and essence of the Piedmont Foundation! I affirm, with legitimate pride, that Gerardo is the holy, incomparable apostle who unites and calls—like no other—Pennsylvanian social collective, recognized—also—as benevolent, living guardians of the welfare of his compatriots In, the engine that moves, stirs the boundless, boundless chivalry of the peasantry, its multiple, disparate educational, socio-political chimeras of charity, equality, equity, sleepless nights. keep growing

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