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Saturday, March 6, 2021

People are trusting this app more than Signal, know what is the reason for this

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Privacy is constantly being debated on social media platforms. Meanwhile, some interesting figures have come to light, which shows that three out of four Indians feel safe while joining any group or channel on Telegram, as they do not need to show their phone number to strangers. A survey has revealed that more than 600 million users have been connected to Telegram globally, which is more than the signal figures, which includes 55 percent in terms of awareness and 39 percent in terms of actual usage.

In a survey conducted by Cyber ​​Media Research (CMR), it has been said that in the last one year, 37 percent users in India have actually used Telegram, whereas only 10 percent of the people have used the signal.

Prabhu Ram, head of the Industry Intelligence Group (IIG), CMR, said the intimacy of Facebook and WhatsApp poses a threat to brand trust and brand loyalty.

He said, “We stand between the privacy, security and trust of the brand of the users. For users, WhatsApp was their free private messaging platform, but with WhatsApp joining hands with Facebook, people’s trust has been broken. I believe that shifting on social networking apps is not ephemeral, although in the last few years the shifting of people on Telegram has increased. ”

Most of the people surveyed believe that WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are not protected when chat backups go to a third party cloud platform such as Google Drive and iCloud. Therefore users do not feel it convenient and safe.

In the case of chat backups, 49 percent of the people trust on Telegram’s cloud. At the same time, about 55 percent of WhatsApp users face the challenge of media files (photos, videos, documents, PPT) from the Messenger application, which creates problems for phone memory.

Nearly 50 percent of the people surveyed have received suspicious messages from unknown numbers with unsolicited links. Such incidents have been reported from most WhatsApp users (52 percent) and lowest number of telegram users (28 percent). The incidence of spam has also been highest among WhatsApp and FB Messenger users, about 50 percent.

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