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Sunday, February 28, 2021

People doing meditation also pose threat to China, five people burnt alive! The crime has been going on for 20 years

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The world knows the cruel attitude of China (China) towards its citizens. If a single voice is raised in the country against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), then the person who raised the voice is either disappeared, or the organization that supported them disappears from the political scene. . The CCP does not consider any religious activity in China to be correct. In such a situation, the development of any religion in China is a threat to the CCP. One such religion is Falun Gong, whose followers have been persecuting China for the last nearly 20 years. China also went through many tricks to end this religion. One such move was the Tianmen Square self-immolation incident. Let’s know about it…

Those who follow Falun Gong started in 1992, when the spiritual guru Li Hongzhi started it. This is a kind of meditation practice, which is based on China’s old culture qiqong. The number of people following this religion gradually started growing in China, which the Chinese government started to consider as a threat. However, the government did not give any reason for this danger. It was claimed through the government media that these people persecute themselves and they have a higher tendency to commit suicide. In such a big effort to end this religion was started.

Five people set themselves on fire at Tianmen Square

One such attempt took place today, on January 23, 2001, when the Tianmen Square self-immolation incident occurred in Tianmen Square, central Beijing, on the eve of the Chinese New Year. This incident is considered quite disputed in China. Five members who believed Falun Gong on China’s mainland set themselves on fire at Tianmen Square. China was persecuting the people of this community for a long time. However, sources in Falun Gong said that its education does not allow anyone to commit violence and commit suicide. In such a situation, questions started arising whether China has got this work done under any manipulation. Some journalists also said that it seems that this self-immolation was a trick of China.

Propagated against Falun Gong through government media

Chinese media reported that seven people had come to Beijing, of which five had set themselves on fire at Tianmen Square. Two of them died, while three survived. The incident received international news coverage. On the other hand, China started showing through its official media that Falun Gong is a threat to society. In this way, the Chinese government should take action on Falun Gong. This trick of China was successful and people began to lose faith in Falug Gong.

Torture camp sent to community members

Through posters, leaflets and videos, China started showing people how Falun Gong people worship and how dangerous it is. This move of China was successful and people’s trust was lost from Gong. Chinese authorities began to approve the systematic use of violence to eliminate Falun Gong. After the incident, some reports said that people of this community were sent to concentration camps where they were tortured.

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