People with psychological disorders have higher risk of death from heart disease and cancer, according to study

People with psychological disorders have higher risk of death from heart disease and cancer, according to study

People with psychological problems have a higher risk of general mortality from cardiovascular diseases and tumors, according to research from the National Epidemiology Center of the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII), which also showed that this association was greater among participants who Those who had not been previously diagnosed with a mental disorder and were not taking medication for mental problems.

The study, published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, evaluates the association between psychological distress and mortality in the Spanish adult population; In total, data from 21,003 individuals who were followed for 9 years were analyzed.

Distress is the negative aspect of stress. This happens when humans are not able to cope with a situation and we become overwhelmed with emotions.

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That’s why the study concludes that people with psychological distress have a higher risk of death.

Specifically, among those with a psychotic disorder who already had a mental disorder diagnosis, the overall mortality risk was 1.18, compared to 1.34 among those without such a diagnosis.

Meanwhile, participants with psychological distress who took medications to treat mental disorders had a lower risk of death than those who were not receiving treatment.

The study is part of the Mortality to Spanish Health Survey (MESES) working group led by ISCIII researcher Iñaki Galán, of which researchers Teresa López-Cuadrado – the first signatories of the work – Cristina Ortiz and Ana Ayuso – are part. Alvarez.

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Teresa López-Cuadrado and Iñaki Galán point out that the findings of this work could have important implications for public health, because “despite the high prevalence of mental health problems, many people do not seek professional help immediately, and therefore, they remain untreated.” You may get it late, or you may not get it at all.”

To conduct this research, data from the National Health Survey coordinated by the Ministry of Health has been used, which also includes information on death records up to December 2020. The main analysis variable is the so-called GHQ-12, a self-administered screening instrument intended to detect the prevalence of mental morbidity or possible cases of psychotic illness in the population.

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