Pepe Cibrian's anger at the version of marriage with his new partner: this man was courageous

Pepe Cibrian's anger at the version of marriage with his new partner: this man was courageous

Also, he clearly took offense, saying in reference to the civil registry people: “I feel like the person who spread these photos was a little adventurous.”, And they admitted that although they plan to do so, they made it clear that they are not going to get married another day.

Absolutely kibrian While acknowledging that he has always been committed to love, he emphasized that “At the moment it was just a bureaucratic act. This man has been misinformed” Once again the person who spread the pictures was mentioned.

“It’s not something we’ve decided on yet. It’s just something that was signed to request information and things that they ask you if someday we want to get married.” He emphasized this and revealed ezekiel “Now he is going on a trip”,

Meanwhile, with his usual loquaciousness, pepe cibrian The portal concluded by admitting that I don’t know what may happen tomorrow, leaving the door always open to say yes: “It may happen that he suddenly attacks me and I get married in three days… Who knows. Because this is life.”,

Pepe Cibrian’s firm decision after confirming that he is in a relationship again

after separation from Nahuel Lodi in a note with show partner Actor and theater director pepe cibrian campoy He revealed last November that he was in a relationship again and was very happy.

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“How are you at the moment, are you alone or with someone?”The historian of the television program asked him Rodrigo Lucich this Adrian Pallares, “Yes, I get along very well. I feel very happy, I bet my life on it, which is a lasting partnership.”He claimed.

“I don’t like to share everything from everyday things to projects, even if suddenly the person in front of me has nothing to do with me, whether he is an engineer or something else”He commented.

pepe He emphasized that he was feeling a very special moment. “Share life, dreams, discussions, differences, but everything has to come together in a common denominator, which is the desire to be next to that person.”He added.

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Finally, the actor and director indicated that his new beau does not want any kind of media exposure. “My partner is not a person who is interested in media and I respect that. opposite of this. “It’s great to keep it private.”Hill.


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