Perplexity, the new entrant in the search engine battle against Google


In a world where Google has been the undisputed giant of online searches, Perplexity, a search engine powered by artificial intelligence, emerges promising a revolution. With cutting-edge technology and the backing of major names like Jeff Bezos, Perplexity has ushered in a new era in online information discovery.

What is the confusion about?

Founded by former OpenAI and Meta researchers, Perplexity has quickly gained attention in the tech world. With a recent funding of $74 million, valuing the company at $520 million, its growth reflects growing interest in innovative alternatives to Google. But what makes it so special?

Unlike traditional engines, Perplexity provides direct answers to questions based on AI rather than a list of links. This ability to generate accurate and useful summaries of information backed by reliable sources makes a substantial difference to the user experience. Additionally, with features like “Copilot,” Perplexity refines searches by providing more personalized and relevant results.

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While the new engine shines in complex and personalized searches, Google maintains its strength in specific areas due to its vast ecosystem of services and its ability to provide quick responses to direct queries. However, growing user dissatisfaction with the quality of Google results opens a window of opportunity for Perplexity.

The model of perplexity, which provides detailed answers without the need to visit external websites, poses significant challenges to the click-based digital media economy. This shift in search paradigm may require publishers and content creators to adopt new forms of monetization and distribution.

Although Perplexity still faces challenges such as its business model and consistent accuracy, its innovative approach to AI-based search suggests an exciting and competitive future in the search engine market. The question is open as to what effect this will have on the established giants and the digital media industry in the long run.

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