Persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh has not stopped, four temples have been demolished and shops attacked


Dhaka Dhaka: In Bangladesh’s Khulna district, miscreants have killed at least four people Hindu temple, Raided some shops and homes of the minority community, after which police arrested ten people and tightened security in the area.

The Dhaka Tribune reported that the incident took place after a heated argument between Hindus and Muslims in Shiali village of Rupsha upazila. According to local residents and victims, the miscreants first attacked the Shiali Maha crematorium. They smashed idols in temples and crematoriums. From there they went to Shiyali Purbapara area, where they vandalized idols of Hindu gods and goddesses in Hari Mandir, Durga Mandir and Govinda Mandir.

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It said six shops and two houses belonging to members of the local Hindu community had been vandalized. Rupa Upazila Puja Udayapan Parishad general secretary Krishna Gopal Sen said at least 10 idols were vandalized in four temples during the attack.

“There is tension in the area, but the local administration is working to keep the situation under control,” Sen said. Several local residents claimed that the attackers were from the surrounding Sheikhpura, Bamandanga and Chadpur areas, but their identities could not be confirmed.

Rupsha Police Station in-charge Sardar Mosharraf Hussain said additional police had been deployed to maintain law and order in the area as tensions escalated after the attack. “We are vigilant and active in keeping the situation under control,” Hussein said.

One of the five obligatory Islamic prayers, the Hindus were advancing towards the Shiali mahasmashan while chanting kirtan during the Esha prayers. Maulana Nazim Uddin, imam of the local mosque, said the clashes took place as a result.

“When I asked him not to sing in front of the mosque during prayers, someone pushed me, then the situation got out of hand. However, the situation calmed down after the police came and intervened,” he said.

Sen said that none of the Hindus pushed the Imam.

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