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Pet tech: These custom buttons let them “talk” to humans

Pets Can Learn &Quot;Speak&Quot; Buttons Are Used With Humans To Express Wants And Needs.  (Fluent Pet)
Pets can learn to “talk” to humans by using buttons to express their wants and needs. (Fluent Pet)

Some cartoons and animated films use the idea of ​​people communicating with their pets to develop their plot and entertain their audience and vice versa. However, although it seems like something that only happens in imagination, it is possible to teach dogs and cats Express is wanted and needed if used the right way.

button has a way educate domestic animal so that they can communicate. Although this method is used in other areas of communication, its founder was speech therapists. talking dog movementChristina Hunger discovered that it is possible for pets such as dogs and cats to learn to use them.

Dogs And Cats Can Be Taught To Express Wants And Needs If Used Properly.  (Frank Rumpenhorst/Dpa)
Dogs and cats can be taught to express wants and needs if used properly. (Frank Rumpenhorst/DPA)

This system is gradual and requires the guardians to record their own voices so that the sound can be played when the animal presses a button corresponding to a specific action, such as “play” and “out” to initiate. over time, once pet Used to the system, you can enter items such as “cookie” and “toy”; and even emotions, such as “anxious” or “happy”.

For those who want to educate their pets and teach them to communicate with this system, here are some products that can help

All Learning This requires training, and in the case of pets it is essential to understand that the ability to communicate is a very different process from that of a human. Therefore, a training program designed to use buttons is useful.

Talk To The Beans Has A Training Program So Humans Can Teach Their Pets &Quot;Speak&Quot; Usando Botones (Talk To Beans/Facebook)
Talk to Beans has a training program so humans can teach their pets to “speak” using buttons (Talk to Beans/Facebook)

talk to beans Pet-Lover offers users a series of 12 training modules that include easy step-by-step explanations on how to get started with the process. a. help choose the first words to be taught until the construction of Glossary Perfect so that the communication between the animals and their guardians is fluid.

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Sarah Scott, a professional dog trainer in the United States, believes it is possible to teach dogs new words One after the other or several that together have different meanings.

Talking Products Talking Tiles buttons can be tailored to users with audio messages as well as images. Will be able to record messages up to 80 seconds through the owner microphone Each is built in, but you can also configure your smartphone or computer to do the job.

Owners Will Be Able To Record Messages Of Up To 80 Seconds Through The Microphone Built Into The Talking Products Talking Tiles Button.  (Amazon)
Owners will be able to record messages of up to 80 seconds through the microphone built into the Talking Products Talking Tiles button. (amazon)

Images and symbols can be added under the transparent cover of the button.

Learning Resource Buttons were not originally designed specifically for pets, but are used to communicate nonverbal people, Likewise, it is one way a pet can learn to “talk”. The buttons can only record seven seconds of sound and have 4 colors to differentiate them.

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According to Scott, this process it takes time and patience Because not all dogs learn at the same pace. For dogs with previous training experience, the button system will be relatively easy to pick up on, while others may take even longer to learn.

The Learning Resource Buttons Weren'T Specifically Designed For Pets, But They'Re Kind Of A Pet.
The Learning Resource Buttons weren’t specifically designed for pets, but they are a way pets can learn to “talk.” (amazon)

The role of the user is also important. Dogs will learn at a certain rate depending on their handler’s ability as a trainer and the amount of time it takes to practice.

Fluent Pet is a system of buttons arranged by categories that allows pets to more quickly locate the word they need to express themselves. As stated on their website, it was designed by a cognitive scientist to promote improved communication between verbal and nonverbal people.

Each button has a microphone and stickers to identify them by sight. The buttons fit on three non-slip hexagonal tiles: one for actions, one for items, and one for locations. Tiles can be put together in multiple configurations and can be easily removed or added.

Fluent Pet Button Mat Allows You To Organize Them Into Categories (Fluent Pet)
Fluent Pet Button Mat allows you to organize them into categories (Fluent Pet)

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