Petro announced the transformation of Banco Agrario

Petro announced the transformation of Banco Agrario

During an event at the southern Seine complex in Bogotá on Tuesday, President Gustavo Petro announced a reversal of the Banco Agrario, with which the government aims to create Colombia’s largest body in terms of lending ability.

According to the President, “Banco Agrario will be transformed into Banco Agrario y Popular. For this we have stipulated that funds that come from the budget and are kept in banks somewhere, even for longer periods, or in the The Banco de la República is to be incorporated into the Agricultural Bank, so there is a much larger mechanism, a much greater volume of lending at subsidized interest rates to the national economy, not just the rural economy.”

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(Banco Agrario plans to pay out $10 billion in 2023).

During his speech, President Petro also expressed that his government’s labor policy is to strengthen the national economy and spoke of the importance of labor reform submitted to Congress to achieve this goal.

“Two words were invented here: informal economy and formal economy. In the discourse of the people who have ruled Colombia, the formal economy matters. We stopped talking about informal economy, people don’t differentiate between formal and informal economy, people are hard.” “Work, period,” added the President.

(modernization of the agricultural bank).

President Petro also said that SENA’s role is to bring knowledge to the national economy. “The function of SENA is to bring this knowledge to the work of the national economy,” he concluded.

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