Petro has repealed the rule of the Police Code to combat the consumption of drugs

Petro has repealed the rule of the Police Code to combat the possession and consumption of drugs

On Thursday, December 7, the government of President Gustavo Petro signed a decree abolishing a rule of the Police Code that prohibits the possession, delivery, distribution, and sale of prohibited substances.

This is Regulation 1844 of 2018, which empowers the police to combat the micro-trafficking of narcotics in public places.

This document includes, in addition to the verification procedure, the consequences of the violation and the protocol for seizing the components.

This rule was repealed by Decree 2114 of 2023, signed by the ministers of Defense, Interior, and Justice.

According to the decree, with this measure, the government intends to avoid the “criminalization of drug users through corrective measures” and “suppress and attack” the supply of these substances.

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The rule continues that “the carrying and consumption of even a minimum dose is prohibited in Colombian parks; the carrying and consumption of a minimum dose is prohibited in the perimeters of educational centers; and the same prohibition is made in those stadiums, sports centers, and sports venues.”

It should be noted that in May, the Constitutional Court once again allowed the carrying of a minimum dose of narcotics for personal consumption or the dose of medicine in parks and public places, but determined that its consumption will depend on the municipal councils and assemblies that determine. It is obvious in which parks and in which areas of public space it is possible and where it is not.

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In that sense, the Court maintained the ban on the transport of psychoactive substances in parks and public spaces if their purpose is different from the consumption of the minimum dose, the medicated dose, or the supply.