Photo with Darwin Serene and Hector Herrera on the plane to Canada

One of Selecta shares Dynamo’s Vancouver trip with former Atletico de Madrid player Mexican

like good friends. This is how Salvadoran posted Darwin Serene An image in his Instagram stories before a trip with his team dynamo Houston to Vancouver, Canada.

The captain of Selecta left with Mexican Hector Herrera, the author of the snapshot, and two other team members. They appear to share on the plane that takes them to the land of “Maple Leaf”.

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Aztec Herrera, a former Atletico de Madrid player in Spain, uploaded the photo before taking off. While Darwin wrote: “Here we go”, in English.

Photo with Darwin Serene and Hector Herrera on the plane to Canada
This is the postcard that Darwin Seren posted on his network, taken from the story of Mexican Hector Herrera. Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial image/

The team from “Space City” traveled to Vancouver to play a game against Whitecaps FC. The duel was scheduled for this Friday in the Canadian night hours.

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Serene and Herrera continue to show “good vibes” and camaraderie as they are in the ranks of Dynamo. The Mexicans arrived for this season, while the Salvadorans have already spent several seasons with the Houstonians and are playing for MLS.

Dynamo even gave Selecta a shirt as a tribute to being Blue and White’s record man in matches for the country. A detail that shows how important the Salvadoran team is to the team.

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