Photos from the holidays of Sabrina Rojas, her kids and Tuku Lopez in Mendoza

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Sabrina Rojas and Tuku Lopez’s romance is going from strength to strength. A few days ago, the couple celebrated a year of dating and the actress dedicated a romantic message to the announcer on her Instagram account: “My life is more beautiful than a year ago, thanks. Our first picture together”,

driver of it’s over thereHe also did not hold back and gave a sweet greeting to his girlfriend. “For many more years like this. Thank you for coming out of nowhere. I love you”He wrote on his Instagram account with a tender photo of the two of them embracing.

A few days after the anniversary, Luciano Castro’s ex mentioned the idea of ​​being a mom with the announcer, who had assured a while back that he really wanted to. “We are not looking for a child, but we are not depriving ourselves of anything. Maybe in two years, but not immediately because we have to adjust very well despite the fact that many things”Expressed in conversation with the radio program agarette catalina,

Now, Sabrina Rojas surprised her kids with a surprise visit that also features Tuku Lopez. Driver with Luciano Castro’s children Fausto and Esperanza takes 10 points. “Hello, yes. Last night we surprised the boys and we boarded a plane to Mendoza”The model wrote in her Instagram stories.

See all the pictures!

Sabrina Rojas, Tuku Lopez and the actress’ kids, are moving to Mendoza.

Sabrina Rojas, her children and Tuku Lopez on the plane.

Sabrina Rojas enjoying a sumptuous breakfast at Mendoza.

The place chosen by Sabrina Rojas and Tucu Lopez to enjoy their vacation in Mendoza.

Sabrina Rojas with family.

Family postcard at Cerro La Gloria.

Sabrina Rojas and Tuku Lopez with family.


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