Pierre Poilievre: deception, lies and leaving Ukraine

Pierre Poilievre: deception, lies and leaving Ukraine

Pierre Poilievre follows only two rules: the first is that Pierre Poilievre is always right. And the second is that if Pierre Poilievre is wrong, we should refer to the first rule.

Last week we were treated to a great Poilievre when he went berserk by claiming that the horrific car accident at the Canada-US border was an act of terrorism.

Here is word for word what Poilievre said during question time: “Could the Prime Minister give us information about this terrorist attack?”

Journalists, doing their job, had questions for him the next day, during his press briefing. Far from apologizing for speaking so harshly, he blamed … the media!

He tried to say that he was just repeating what some media outlets said. It sounds pathetic.

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His inappropriate reaction to the explosion and his poor responses to the media revealed deep tendencies within him. Again, he dramatizes and refuses to acknowledge his mistakes. Worse, we see that a Pierre Poilievre prime minister can be a real source of instability in times of crisis. Instead of calming things down, he’s the type to cause trouble!

I sat opposite Poilievre in the House of Commons for over 10 years. This gives you time to get the measure of someone…

Poilievre thinks about his opinions and is willing to share them.

On the same day that Stephen Harper organized a formal apology in the House of Commons for residential schools, Poilievre, then a backbencher, had harsh words for First Nations.

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Harper was furious and Poilievre was forced to apologize to Parliament. Harper made him wait more than five years before he was appointed minister.

Like Trump

Poilievre’s dark series continues in two files, although far from each other. A new free trade agreement between Canada and Ukraine should be like a letter in the mail.

However, the Conservatives managed to see the “spectre” of a carbon tax, their pet peeve, hidden in the free trade agreement! Crazy!

Even the Ukrainian ambassador had to intervene to plead that his country wanted this agreement and to insist that he was not talking about a carbon tax.

Poilievre and his henchmen thought they saw a trap and they voted against!

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The conservative leader denied that he was a Trump emulator. Its position is against the interests of Ukraine, however, of the Republican Party.

He hasn’t changed

His entourage may have removed his glasses, shown him with his family and slightly reduced the thickness of the Brylcreem in his hair, Poilievre is still the same man; a kind and generous person.

According to polls, Poilievre has an insurmountable lead over Trudeau. It reminds me of George Foreman who, according to all the predictions, is going to cut a Muhammad Ali to pieces.

Patient and experienced, Ali allowed his opponent to tire himself out – and expose himself – before seizing the opportunity to knock him down.

It doesn’t always end the way we predict.