Pincoya criticized after drinking beer made for Top Chef dish: “Lack of respect”

 Pincoya criticized after drinking beer made for Top Chef dish:

The “Top Chef VIP” jury caught the attention of the Chiloé native when he drank the ingredients intended for preparation in the middle of the nomination test. Jennifer was accused of not taking the competition seriously.

pinkoya upset the jury again Top Chef VIP This time for a special situation: former finalist of elder brother drank the beer that was given to the contestants to cook,

In the context of a new nomination test with his colleagues Jordi Castell, Paulina Nin, Alonso Quintero, Berta Lasala and ‘Zapalito’, the slogan was Prepare a dish from specific ingredients mentioned,

As Jennifer was preparing her menu at her station, she said: “My good grandmother said, You have to try the substance, so I’m going to try it“, thus start pouring a portion of the mixture into a cup to taste.

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Pinkoya drank the beer meant for the dish Top Chef VIP

Pinkoya admitted that he didn’t know what to cook. His first options were seafood or fish, however, he ultimately decided on Chicken, a choice they later regretted, “I made chicken with beer and I went in there and messed it up because I should have made fish,” the former finalist said. elder brother,

When the contestant went to present her dish to the jury, the reaction was Once cooks tried it there were immediate negative effects, Benjamin Nast considered the dish very dry Due to the use of poultry breast.

For his part, Chef Fernanda found that preparations had been very salty, “The potato is salty, it’s well cooked, but that’s just it It is salty. The chicken is dry, and there is no sauce“ The cook told him. The chef criticized, “You had a beer that could impart so much aroma, so much flavor to any of these ingredients and contribute to your dish.”

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“Yes, yes I finally finished it by drinking beer Pinkoya admitted with a hint of laughter. “Oh, I mean, you took it and didn’t put it on the plate here. I think it’s great for him, great, he drank the beer and didn’t put it here, great, we’re doing good“, the jury said sarcastically.

“He caught my attention by saying ‘It’s just that you drank beer’, Yes, I drank beer, but it was to check which of the two I liked better for chicken.“Chilote’s girl later defended herself when she was alone in front of the camera.

“Why was he the first person to be kicked out of the program? Because he did not take this dish seriously. We said it in the first chapter, Pincoya, it’s not really a joke anymore. Drinking beer and not putting it on a plate is disrespectful“ Fernanda was very upset and told him later.

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,This is not being taken seriously Sergi Arola later commented to Jennifer. Benjamin Nast said that the dish “it was inedible,